Top 11 Mummy Bloggers (and 1 Daddy Blogger too!)

Since founding Dorothy and Theodore, I have come across many inspirational mummy (and daddy) bloggers, so I thought I would share with you my… more »


The Ultimate Lego Party!

My delicious six year old Dalton is absolutely bonkers about Lego – totally loves the stuff! He will literally spend hours sitting and… more »


Overcoming the unthinkable

We all know that being a parent is the toughest (albeit most rewarding) job in the world. But for some, it is a… more »

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Featured Seller – Pop Goes Your Name

Our latest Featured Seller is Pop Goes Your Name, a family-run business by musicians and parents Lucy and Richard Patterson who create personalised… more »

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Hosting the perfect Star Wars party!

There was only ever one option for this year’s party for my eldest, Dalton.  Star Wars!  The obsession began with Lego and has… more »

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Featured Seller – Flossy and Jim

Our latest Featured Seller is Flossy and Jim, who aim to make the world a happier place with their fun and funky designs… more »

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Featured Seller – RedBlueYou

Our new Featured seller is the lovely Alex at RedBlueYou. Alex creates bespoke, personalised word canvases for your home which, we think you will… more »

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For the expectant newcomers

Let’s not forget that Mother’s Day also applies to those of you who are expecting! Why should mummy-to-be’s miss out on all the… more »

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For the lion tamers

Us mums know that we sometimes feel like we’re in the midst of the wild ones, feeling like a lion tamer! But don’t… more »

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For the ringmasters

A mummy is someone who heads up the family circus, knows everyones cues and makes sure that the show goes on whatever the… more »

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For the trapeze artists

Us mummies know that being a mum is the most wonderful experience any woman can enjoy. Much like a trapeze artist, we fly… more »