Top 11 Mummy Bloggers (and 1 Daddy Blogger too!)

Since founding Dorothy and Theodore, I have come across many inspirational mummy (and daddy) bloggers, so I thought I would share with you my… more »


The Ultimate Lego Party!

My delicious six year old Dalton is absolutely bonkers about Lego – totally loves the stuff! He will literally spend hours sitting and… more »


Overcoming the unthinkable

We all know that being a parent is the toughest (albeit most rewarding) job in the world. But for some, it is a… more »

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Featured Seller

Featured Seller – Little Forest Folk

Our latest Featured Seller is Little Forest Folk, who make beautiful wall-hangings and decorative items. Dorothy & Theodore speaks to our seller about… more »

Family Home boys bedroom

Update a child’s bedroom for under £50 in one hour

My son Dalton recently turned seven, and this event brought the realisation that he has had the same bedroom since he was two, so… more »

Family Advice nat3

Welcoming a second child to the family

Our special guest blogger this week is Natalie, a freelance writer and parenting blogger at Plutonium Sox. In light of Princess Charlotte’s arrival,… more »

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Featured Seller – Snoob

Our latest Featured Seller is Snoob. They provide a unique breastfeeding cover that offers discretion and versatility whilst breastfeeding in public, without sacrificing… more »

Family Life test

Being pretty

If I could have chosen the gender of baby number two, I would have undoubtedly gone for another boy. This was a love I… more »

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Featured Seller – Strawberry’s Patch

Our latest Featured Seller is Strawberry’s Patch, a business that creates gorgeous personalised wooden initials and small, seasonal gifts. We speak to her… more »

Shop Shop Shop! popgoesyourname

Featured Seller – Pop Goes Your Name

Our latest Featured Seller is Pop Goes Your Name, a family-run business by musicians and parents Lucy and Richard Patterson who create personalised… more »

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Hosting the perfect Star Wars party!

There was only ever one option for this year’s party for my eldest, Dalton.  Star Wars!  The obsession began with Lego and has… more »