Top 11 Mummy Bloggers (and 1 Daddy Blogger too!)

Since founding Dorothy and Theodore, I have come across many inspirational mummy (and daddy) bloggers, so I thought I would share with you my… more »


The Ultimate Lego Party!

My delicious six year old Dalton is absolutely bonkers about Lego – totally loves the stuff! He will literally spend hours sitting and… more »


Overcoming the unthinkable

We all know that being a parent is the toughest (albeit most rewarding) job in the world. But for some, it is a… more »

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Make some memories – and keep them forever

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Personal Review of LaplandUK

Having worked for the Walt Disney Company in Paris and the States for a number of years, I am REALLY fussy about my… more »

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Choosing a school

Choosing a school for your child is without doubt a daunting experience. I have recently had first-hand experience of this during our relocation… more »

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One-on-one time

I love having one-on-one time with each of my littlies. The simplest things can create such special memories when instead of focusing on… more »

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Naughty elves!

The Naughty Christmas Elves are at it again! They’re getting up to all sorts of fun and mischief before Santa arrives. You can… more »

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Featured seller – Betty & Dodge

This is a featured Dorothy & Theodore seller post focusing on Betty & Dodge and their gorgeous handcrafted oak products. Betty & Dodge… more »

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Housekeep: professional home cleaning service

At Dorothy & Theodore, we know that looking after the little ones (and the big ones) is a full-time job. And together with… more »

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1:1 time

Having three children can get pretty manic at times, and whilst I wouldn’t have it any other way, sometimes there is nothing nicer… more »