The best conception and parenting apps

I have to confess to being a bit of a technophobe.  But even I have to admit that there are some absolutely brilliant apps available to help with this ever challenging job that is parenting.

Here are some of our favourites.

Pre-conception and birth:

  • FemCal – keep track of your monthly cycle but also useful for trying to conceive as can track various fertility symptoms and gives expected best time to conceive.
  • ContractionMaster – easily and accurately times contractions in labour.
  • BabyNames – does what it says on the tin really!  If you are struggling with finding a name for your bun, this app is bound to throw up some interesting suggestions.
  • My Pregnancy Today – from BabyCentre – day to day guide for pregnancy, link to the Birth Clubs forum and advice.

To help with baby:

  • iBaby Feed Timer – designed for breastfeeding mothers to keep track of when and how long baby feeds, whether from breast, bottle or expressed milk. Includes useful reminder for which breast to start on each time.  Very easy to use – can stop and start the timer and it also keeps running in the background so you can check your emails etc at the same time!
  • Babychange  – a free app developed by NCT which tells you where the nearest baby changing location is.  The older your baby gets – the easier it becomes to change them pretty much anywhere (the car boot, passenger seat, moving train etc etc!) but with this app you can do it in ease and comfort and without the need for octopus arms!
  • Babyphone – this app turns your smartphone into a baby monitor – it listens to your baby and when it hears them wake it calls a number to notify you.  Very clever!
  • Aroundme – a free app that tells you where you can find the nearest chemist, bank, hospital, etc.  An absolute life saver when you need something or somewhere in a hurry.
  • Mumderground  – This is a brilliant app which tells you how to get from A to B on the London underground with a buggy.  Whether you are a visitor, or particularly if you live in London, this app is the answer to saving a fortune on cab fares and enabling you to get wherever you want to be – just like everyone else!

There are of course also loads of apps to entertain little ones – but we’ll let you discover those for yourselves – or pass your phone to your 4 year old and they’ll do it for you!

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