The Countdown to Christmas

We are into single figures!  And boy, are we excited.  Presents are wrapped, stockings hung up and the Turkey is ordered (I hope!).   And whilst we fully and whole-heartedly believe in wallowing in the excitement, how do you keep your little ones from exploding before the big day?  Here are my keeping them busy tips:

winged bolero

1.  Lots of fresh air and exercise.  Yes, it’s flippin freezing but wrap up warm and enjoy the world outside of your decorated 4 walls!

2. One job a day!  Take one chore that needs doing before Christmas – tidying their bedrooms ready for Santa, wrapping the last few presents, grocery shopping or whatever it might be and make it a fun mission.  It’ll keep them busy, focused and slowly but surely, tick off your to do list.

3. Keep them busy with some Christmas baking, or any of our Christmas Crafty ideas.  Even if you have already done it – do it again!

4. Visit friends and family.  No point cramming it all in on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

And if all else fails…

5. Remind them that the Elves are watching…..!

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