A visit to Mimi Smartypants

Naomi from Mimi Smartypants is the amazingly talented artist behind our fabulous personalised family artwork. We felt she was owed a break from her pencils so popped down to visit her to learn more about her business and the inspiration behind her art. Teas in hand, we settle down in Naomi’s beautifully decorated home to try and get to know the woman behind the art.

It’s evident straight away that Naomi has no idea how incredibly talented she is. She tells us that she can’t get her head around the interest that her range has received and seems to still be slightly in shock from the popularity of her Superhero Father’s Day prints, despite Father’s Day being months ago! She is a brilliant artist with a true passion for her work which is evident in the end result. From the initial proof right the way through to packing her parcels with sparkles, Naomi works hard to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Naomi’s business has grown substantially in the last 12 months and her ideas are endless. We couldn’t help but get excited over some new Mother’s Day art she is working on – me in particular having just had baby number 4 (who also came to the meeting and gave very valuable input!). Alongside trying to keep up with the huge demand for Christmas Cards she is currently experiencing, Naomi’s business is growing rapidly and she is nervously taking her first few steps towards creating the future for her company. Buying resources in bulk, investing in more technology and even, dare we say it, bringing in some people resource, Naomi is slowly but surely realising that she is very much in demand.

Of course, we are not the only ones who believe in her. As soon as we put her products back in stock, the orders flood in. We are proud to be able to work with her and support her as her business grows. So take a deep breath Naomi, drink more tea and draw, draw, draw! You can find the wonderful Mimi Smartypants range here.


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