Recognising good behaviour with kindness elves


Meet our Kindness Elves. We like to call them Dottie and Theo but you can call them anything you like!

Kindness Elves are here to help you and your little ones spread plenty of Christmas cheer this year. They love looking out for good deeds, leaving little notes and suggesting activities for spreading kindness not just at Christmas, but all year round.

We have some ideas for your elves to help spread joy with their little helpers, but we’d love to see yours too, so feel free to share on our Facebook page when your little visitors have arrived!

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1. Donate
It’s a good time of year to donate to charity or local play schemes! The Kindness Elves have lots of great ideas for kids to show acts of kindness to those around them!


2. Bake
Why not make cakes for friends, family or classmates? Our elves love getting stuck in by helping you and your little ones make and deliver some delicious treats to loved ones!


3. Visit an elderly person
Whether this is a neighbour, family friend or maybe a visit to a local home, the elves love cheering people up with drawings, flowers and a chat. They like to see people smile!


4. Make a beautiful bookmark
Decorate some bookmarks with your favourite shapes and stickers and hide them in some library books for their next reader to find and keep. It makes a lovely surprise!

Kindness elves are a great way to show your little ones all the ways that you can be kind and considerate to others. They live in a  beautiful, magic house with a working mail box that you can mail letters into! They will leave little replies and ideas for things to do together and are always on the look out for kindness and helpfulness!

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