Bugs, bugs, bugs….and balloons too!

Bugs birthday cake

A cake fit for a 4 year old!

Dalton and I had been planning his mini-beast party for almost a year!  We had talked about having the animal man come to his party for his 3rd birthday after his first encounter with a snake which he declared to be “Bendy” – the best description ever of a snake in my opinion!

But after chatting it through we agreed on Knights last year and the animal man for this year and when he still had his heart set on it a few months back, I knew that mini-beasts was to be this year’s theme.   So with that sort of anticipation – the pressure was really on for mummy to deliver!

In terms of the main part of the party – Nick Spellman – The Animal Man did the hard work and he was brilliant.  Dalton and all his friends loved it.  They met everything from a beautiful Barn Owl to a Millipede, an adorable Meerkat who sat on Dalton’s back, a fire breathing (minus the fire!) Dragon and a Tarantula which Dalton actually held.  My favourite; the Chinchilla – Dalton’s the snake and the spider!

I personally have a huge phobia of snakes but keen not to pass this onto Dalton I had previously tipped of Nick to give me the nod- at such point I went to un-Clingfilm the sandwiches and fluff up the crisps!

Butterfly cookies

Not content with just animals, Nick also did a bit of magic, and before his cookery trick which turned thin air into sweets Nick asked Dalton what mummy was best at cooking.  They say children speak the truth and I have to confess to being a little bit chuffed when Dalton declared that mummy was best at cooking “cakes and biscuits”!   Nigella eat your heart out!  Dalton levitating was really very impressive – and he giggled his head off watching it back on the video when we got home.

My snail shaped sandwiches, slug sausages, celery stick insects and carrot maggots seemed to go down well and the chocolate rolls were popular – although I can only take credit for the fondant bugs sat on them and have to thank Cadburys for the cakes themselves!

Each child took caterpillars home as their ‘goody bag’.  I ordered them online and was horrified when a pot of caterpillars and a pot of food arrived and I had to put food into individual vials and then fish a caterpillar out on a small brush and add it to each individual pot. I then got to nurture them for 2 weeks – hoping every day that they would all still be alive to see the next one!  It was such a huge relief to give them out at the party – one for each child with their names added onto the jam jar they were in on a clay butterfly Kristy Allsopp’s ‘Home Made Christmas’ style.Bug Infested Chocolate Rolls

We ran out of time to play Sleeping Snakes and Musical Stick Insects, but regardless – Dalton had a brilliant time, and at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters.  I have a huge pile of thank you cards to write for the mountain of presents he was lucky enough to be given, and will be dreaming about creepy crawlies for weeks to come – until that is, Dalton decides what he wants for his 5th birthday party.  Oh, and I’ve a ‘Belle in Wonderland’ themed 1st Birthday party to plan first too!

Happy Birthday Dalton – Love you!  Mummy. xx

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  1. becky

    Apr 26. 2012

    If you wever want to guest post this at http://www.kidsloveparties.com I would be hooured. An inspirational party!! Found you through the blog carnival

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