About Us

Once upon a time there was a mummy. A mummy who believed that life is for the living and memories are for the keeping.

With one delicious little one in tow and one more on the way, she wanted gorgeous things for her babies, stylish things for her home and pretty things for herself.  (And maybe even something for Daddy too!).

And so an idea was formed.  Why not find all these lovely things and put them all in one place. A place where she (and others!) could shop easily and enjoyably from a large range of different products made by all sorts of different clever people.

Nearly 5 years later, and with a third and fourth little one added into the mix, Dorothy & Theodore now offers substantial choice for beautiful, stylish but still practical things and loads of memory keeping personalised gifts.

Mummy is happy.

Children are happy.

Home looks lovely.

Daddy…well, at least he knows where to shop!