I've taken the decision to keep my daughter off school one day a week 110920

I’ve taken the decision to keep my daughter off school one day a week

Although my youngest started school this September, we took the slightly controversial decision (with the school’s agreement) to keep her off one day… more »

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Plumping Cushions for DIY SOS!

In April 2015 we had the privilege of being invited to take part in a property redevelopment for BBC’s DIY SOS. For us,… more »

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Baby number 4 – know it all?

People say to me all the time ‘Oh, you must be an old hand at this by now’.   A kind and generous… more »

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Summer holidays 2020

First week of the summer holidays has seen me take my four little people on holiday to Wales by myself. When we booked… more »

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Did someone say online party?

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Homeschooling and lockdown by Dorothy & Theodore

It’s 4.50 am and I am wide awake – have been for a while now. So far, I’ll be honest and admit that… more »

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Dorothy & Theodore do dolls

We have put a very limited number in stock. When those are gone, we will start a wait list. These are handmade to… more »

Family Home Elf ideas by Dorothy & Theodore 011229

Elf ideas by Dorothy & Theodore

1. Wrap the children’s school shoes in Christmas wrapping paper. Hide the ‘gift’ under the Christmas tree. Remember to use different paper to… more »

Family Advice Buying Baubles each year 221119

Buying Baubles each year

Out of all this craziness, perhaps my most favourite Christmas tradition for me personally is Baubles. Each year I buy each child an… more »

Expert Advice Rule number 4 – Seeing only one (and the best) Father Christmas... 191119

Rule number 4 – Seeing only one (and the best) Father Christmas…

(Warning, you may want to throw a Brussel sprout or two at me after reading this…!) The grotto experience is a once in… more »

Expert Advice Stockings 181119


One of the greatest joys of Christmas for a child is hanging their empty stocking up Christmas Eve, only to find it filled… more »