Featured Seller playdennews

Featured Seller – The Wooden Play Den

Our latest Featured Seller is The Wooden Play Den, who make a beautiful selection of wooden toys that aim to make learning fun. We… more »

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Recognising good behaviour with kindness elves

Meet our Kindness Elves. We like to call them Dottie and Theo but you can call them anything you like!Kindness Elves are here to… more »

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Featured seller – Wall Art Design

Our latest Featured Seller is Wall Art Design, who specialise in beautiful, personalised wall decorations suitable for every room in your house. We speak to… more »

Featured Seller smarty

A visit to Mimi Smartypants

Naomi from Mimi Smartypants is the amazingly talented artist behind our fabulous personalised family artwork. We felt she was owed a break from… more »

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A visit to Treasure Tree Crafts

Today we escaped the office to visit one of sellers – Amanda at Treasure Tree Crafts who makes, amongst other things, our fabulous… more »

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Featured seller – The Precious Pebble Art Company

Our latest Featured Seller is The Precious Pebble Art Company, who specialise in handmade, bespoke pebble art designs made to your own specification. We speak… more »

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Write Size

Write Size is a British company based in the West Midlands. They have created an innovative and revolutionary writing product for children to help make learning… more »

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Thank a teacher – on behalf of the whole class

If you are in charge of the class collection and are looking for something unique that a special teacher can treasure from the… more »