Featured seller – The Precious Pebble Art Company

Our latest Featured Seller is The Precious Pebble Art Company, who specialise in handmade, bespoke pebble art designs made to your own specification. We speak to Robert Kelly about what inspired him to set up the business and what his favourite products are.

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“Hello… I’m Rob and I’m a chef by trade. I’ve always enjoyed being creative, whether that’s in the kitchen or scribbling pictures of Peppa Pig for my daughter!”

What inspired you to set up your business?
The inspiration for the pebble art came when we lived in Cyprus. We spent most of the time on the beach, collecting pebbles and making pictures from our wares. The first picture I made as a gift was when we were due to leave Cyprus and Georgia, my daughter, was leaving her first school. With Georgia’s help (she was four at the time!) we made a picture of a child giving the teacher a book with the alphabet and ‘Thank You’ written on it. When we gave it to her teacher on her last day it made her cry and then I realised how emotive the pieces could be.


I still get the same sense of enjoyment out of making each unique picture and hope that whether somebody buys one for themselves or as a gift, they get endless pleasure from the memories provoked by the picture. There’s no such thing as a simple day at the beach in our family anymore as every trip to the beach results in the whole family scouring the beach for perfectly shaped pebble arms, legs, heads and bodies. When I sit down to make a new picture I love sorting through the pebbles; taking time to choose the one that is just the right size, shape texture and colour to create the picture I already have in my head.

Do you have some favourite products and why?
My favourite picture is the family one. I love the simplicity of the image and how it can be anybody you want it to be and obviously you can have however many people you want to make up your family. One of the pictures I particularly loved was a portrait of an adult and a child which I gave to a family friend after her mum had died. Because there are no features on the faces, it could have been her and her mum, her and her daughter, her mum and her daughter or anybody else she envisioned it to be. So I suppose the joy of them is that it’s my art and my imagination, but what finishes it off is the imagination of the person it’s made for.


I also love the Unconditional Love because it was one of the early ones and there is something so simple but so emotive about it. I have made some sport themed pictures, such as a golf one, a fishing image and a football picture for a special commission and am working on some designs to expand the selection.


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