Buying Baubles each year

Buying Baubles each year 221119
Out of all this craziness, perhaps my most favourite Christmas tradition for me personally is Baubles. Each year I buy each child an individual Christmas bauble. I am really fussy about finding one each year that I really love and I always start hunting in November for that perfect one. Each child has a different theme, and my only rule is that it fits in with the theme. When I was pregnant with Dalton, I had a thing for stars and so his are all star themed or shaped. Belle brought peace to my heart after 3 rounds of fertility treatmentso she is my bird of peace and hers are all bird themed. This includes everything from ones made out of feathers, to painted feathers on baubles to bird shaped ones. Griffin was my little bonus ball (we weren’t expecting him!) so his are all traditional bauble shaped. And Chess completed my heart so hers are all heart themed. They have a box each and every year I show them the new bauble I have bought for them, and we look at all the others ones already in their collections (and every year we have the same conversation around why Dalton has more than anyone else!) before they are all wrapped up again ready to be stored away. When they move out from home or get married or buy their first home, or whenever the time is right, I will give them their own individual collections, the idea being that they will have a tree full of stunning decorations. Now it may be that they don’t want to use them (or are like me and want all the baubles to be in the right colour scheme!), but even if they stay in a box, they will know that I have taken time to think about each of them individually each year and choose one for them alone that I think they will really like.
We have lots of beautiful baubles and more stock arriving today! I think the Prosecco themes ones which we will be offering this year may be better suited for mum friends rather than the kids though!
Sally x

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