Homeschooling and lockdown by Dorothy & Theodore

Home schooling and lockdown 270420It’s 4.50 am and I am wide awake – have been for a while now.
So far, I’ll be honest and admit that I’ve really enjoyed lock down. Obviously, these times are horrific on so many levels, but the actual act of staying home with my children has been one which I have – pretty consistently (albeit I’ve of course had my wobbles and many moments of ‘aghhhh’) loved.
The home schooling is hard – really hard. 4 children of different ages, abilities and attitudes to their learning is an enormous challenge, especially along side work. But we’re focusing on the core subjects of Maths and English and not worrying too much about other areas. We bake – a lot – and we talk about the science bit of that. We dance and play – a lot – so tick off the physical exercise. We are growing veggies (or trying anyway) and we’ve spent time on confidence and self appreciation. But we’ve definitely not ticked off every item on the school timetable. We’re doing ok at the learning thing.
We’re blessed with space to play and be so whilst there is, without exception, fall outs and irritations between all of them, for the most part, they have come together as a team, supported each other and enjoyed each others’ company.
We’ve made so many amazing memories already and I know there are still more to come.
And yet, this morning I feel extremely uneasy. Maybe it’s the change in weather, the fact that this is week 6 and there is no end in sight, the month end realisation and the related tasks that month end bring for running a business and being self employed meaning greater demands on my time for my own stuff. I’m not sure – I can’t put my finger on it.
Another week of the company of my children is certainly a positive thing, but this parenting thing is hard, and throw into the mix the teaching thing when I have no desire whatsoever to be their teacher – well it’s a lot, for us all.
But we’re are all in this together. Not the same boat – everyone’s boat is different and it’s impossible to know what challenges we are all having within our own family units. But the same storm. And like every storm, there will be moments of devastation (perhaps that’s what I’m in for this week) and moments of calm. And we just need to hang on tightly to our brollies to come out the other side.
So this morning, I’m checking in on you all, telling you to hang on in there and telling myself the same thing. If you need a hug, I’m sending a virtual one. And any you have to spare, please send back my way. Week 6 – let’s do this. Sally x

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