Did someone say online party?

Did someone say online party 170720Yesterday, I hosted an online birthday party for my PicklePie. I have to confess, I thought it would be easy – next to no prep and no children to look after. I mean how hard could it be? Wrong!
I made each guest a pass the parcel gift beforehand so they had it ready. When the music stopped they got to open a layer of their own parcel if their name came up on the screen. It worked really well and the fact that every child won was the prefect solution to pass the parcel with small children who all end up fretting they won’t get their turn.
We sang happy birthday to Chess albeit I struggled to hold the cake, worry about the flames, be on camera, sing at the same time as everyone else and watch her blow the candles out.
And Elsa joined us to sing some songs with everyone which was a surprise and utterly magical.
So top tips:
Make sure your wi-fi is stronger than mine!
Ask everyone to mute themselves if they are not talking to avoid feedback.
And give wine out in the party bags for the parents who all showed such patience when the technology was against us!
Today, I have Tinkerbell zooming her as another little surprise…really hoping that this 1:1 will be a little less stressful!
Sally x

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