Summer holidays 2020

Summer holidays 2020 250720First week of the summer holidays has seen me take my four little people on holiday to Wales by myself.
When we booked this, things were different, but in these crazy times my hubby has needed to work and so I decided rather than cancel, I’d do it solo.
I’m used to having the kids on my own. Throughout the whole of lockdown it was just me as my hubby still had to go out to work everyday meaning I juggled the childcare and my own work. And this holiday has been no different. In addition to D&T (which I most definitely don’t do alone (and many of you will be familiar with the fabulous Jo who is my right hand woman, and really is the run in the running power of D&T)) I’m also a freelance lawyer. Throw into the mix the book or two I’m desperately trying to get out the starting blocks and life is always busy. But I was pretty confident I could juggle it all. And you know what- I sort of have. Sort of!
We’re home tomorrow, everyone’s had a great time, we’ve eaten buckets of ice cream and we’ve loved the change of scenery.
But…and it’s a big but…the juggle has been so real. Being on my own completely has been a stark reminder of how hard it can be being the only adult on the block. Our routine has meant early mornings and very late nights for me so that I could ensure I was keeping on top of everything. We’ve had some full days (Daddy came for a guest appearance on Tuesday for my youngest daughters’s birthday) but for the most part, the kids have had to accept that whilst the mornings have consistently been about them, some afternoons have meant compromise, meaning movie time so mummy could work. As much as we have packed in so many adventures (horse riding, and Zip World being our favourites) our days have ultimately needed to be structured around my work commitments to ensure I can properly concentrate on what I’ve needed to get done. Not having a second adult to ‘hold the fort’ every once in a while or run an errand or two has been utterly exhausting. So whilst we’ve all had a good time, I for one am going home waaaaayyyy more tired than when I arrived.
I take my hat off to all single parents that do this day in, day out. And in fact to all parents who are faced with the daily juggle in whatever form that might be. Parenting is hard. Parenting in these crazy times is super hard. And parenting without a break is utterly exhausting. But we’re doing it. We’re making memories for our kids and we’re keeping afloat. Now, if only we could find time to fit in around 3 solid days of sleep, things would be perfect!
Sally x

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