How is it that Father Christmas can come down the chimney…

How is it that Father Christmas come down the chimney and into our house but we are not allowed any friends over for play dates? By Dorothy & TheodoreAs I have said before, it is my view that aside from keeping our children emotionally, physically and mentally safe (no biggy, right?!), creating magic in childhood is everything,  I believe that the greatest gift that I can give to my children is a childhood full of memories and magic, and this year, it is even more important than ever to ensure that Christmas is as magical as can be.

The BIG one for me this year is reassuring children that the big man will still visit and answering the question: “How is it that Father Christmas can come down the chimney and into our house but we are not allowed any friends over for play dates?”

Fortunately, this one is easily solved.  A bottle of sanitiser on the fireplace especially for Father Christmas to sanitise on arrival and before he leaves for the next house will answer all concerns in this regard… and don’t forget he’s magic!  For an extra special touch, we adore these ones which can be personalised with your child’s name or a short message for Santa. Click here to personalise and buy yours now.

This will also work for the Cheeky Elf’s arrival.  Sanitise on arrival (have him sat next to a bottle of sanitiser) and he will be staying at our house for the month of December so no need to worry about him.

I have some Grotto visits booked for my children but I cannot rely on those happening and even if I could, there is still more magic to be made.

Making magic is about your time.  With everything going on, some of us have more of that and many of us have less of that at the moment – whichever boat you are in, start early and enjoy the process of creating something special for your children so that it is not stressful for you and so that it is as special as can be.   Plan at home activities – baking mince pies and gingerbread, making desiccated coconut snowballs or icing topped snowy pastry trees.  Pinterest is a great source of inspiration but make sure you get those baking supplies in now – just in case.  You can also have an arts and crafts day and I have also picked up some decorations from Hobbycraft for the kids to decorate, we will be making our own snow globes and painting pine cones which I have been collecting over recent weeks.

One of the best things I did with my kids this summer was our virtual days out to destinations all over the world.  Check out my previous posts on these if you get a minute.  My children absolutely loved it and we all learnt lots too.  So for Christmas, I am planning some Christmas around the world days too.  We will be celebrating St Nicholas day German style on the 6th December, BBQ’ing some Turkey legs for Australian day, and making and eating Italian style Panettone cakes.  Again, a little bit of planning, making use of decorations that you already have or can find around the house and your time will result in fantastic memories for the little ones.

Whatever craziness is happening in our world right now, there is always magic to be had.  Make your home feel as Christmassy and cosy as possible with natural plants and foliage that you and the kids can collect, pull out all of the throws from storage and a Christmas themed cushion or two will help create a special place to be, whatever your plans.

Check out next week’s post for some simple, inexpensive and thoughtful ideas to send to loved ones who you may not be able to be with this year.  We also have advice on Grottos coming up and my Christmas Bauble tradition update for this year….it’s a good one!

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