Christmas is upon us

161220Christmas, in whatever shape or form that looks like for you, is upon us and so time to break out those beloved board games which we will all enjoy but regularly fall out over! Here’s my take on our family gaming:

Monopoly: Great from the age of 7 up but the little one doesn’t get it but thinks she does. My 4yo thinks the money is real, tries to buy everything and then has a mini meltdown when she runs out of cash and so she’s out the game meaning we just give her more money for her to pretend to play, which, in time, she cottons on to and has a further mini meltdown. Chocolate appeases the situation.

Cluedo: As a family this is probably our favourite and we have a Disney version which the younger ones love. Complaints do come when one sibling moves another siblings’ character to a room they don’t want to be in but chocolate usually appeases this. The middle two are getting better at figuring out ‘who done it’ but it’s still a game likely to be won by the 12yo or an adult who isn’t even really paying attention.
Chess: A curve ball perhaps but my oldest three all love a game of Chess and are pretty well matched with actually the younger one of the three of them (who is 7) being the slighter better player. Maybe it’s because there are only two playing at any one time, or simply because you have to concentrate, it generally concludes with no fall outs whatsoever albeit a level of smugness from the winner often prevails. Chocolate seems to fix this – for the smug one and the loser and the spectators too.
Twister: everyone can join in, but a child may get kicked in the face so I always proceed with caution on this one, and definitely no playing this after chocolate!
Top trumps. What parent likes this game? I mean it never ends. Even when you intentionally want it to end and pick the worst category, it still does not seem to end. As a parent, I advise only attempting after eating chocolate yourself (or drinking wine works too I’ve found).
Hungry hippos. Good for the younger ones, but the older ones do get easily bored and revert back to the chocolate stash.
Trivial Pursuit: The family edition on this is very popular in my house with the kids but the adult questions are too hard I think! Chocolate helps with the humiliation.
What’s your favourite? And how much of the box of Chocolate Hero’s do you get through in a game?
Sally x

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