Easter presents for children instead of chocolate

Whilst chocolate Easter eggs are a firm tradition in the UK, they’re not for everyone. Children with allergies or special diets or who simply don’t enjoy chocolate shouldn’t have to miss out. That’s why our list of Easter presents for children offers something a little different. We do have a section of Easter egg related gifts, but we have decorations and bunnies for you too. This year, it’s all about handmade gifts and personalised products to make your little ones smile.

Easter presents for children: Easter decorations

If you enjoy getting the house ready for Easter, we have just the thing. These beautiful Easter decorations will bring a little touch of Spring to your home and get you in the mood for the big day.

Easter bunting

Create your own Easter bunting with these six wooden Easter egg shapes. Each one measures around 60mm, and you can colour them in using standard colouring pencils. The set comes with twine so when you’ve finished colouring, simply thread the eggs together and hang them up to decorate your home ready for the big day.

Easter presents for children create your own bunting with six wooden easter eggs on a string ready to be coloured in
Easter bunting

Personalised animal decorations

Choose between a wooden bunny, chick or sheep to colour in and use as a decoration on the edge of your Easter basket or around your home. Each one measures around 9-10cm tall and comes with a cord to hang it on. Better still, you can personalise them with a name of your choice. Making them ideal for spring party bags, children’s bedrooms and individual Easter egg hunts.

Personalised Easter animal decorations
Personalised Easter animal decorations

Personalised Easter Bunny decorations

Classy wooden Easter Bunny decorations engraved with a name make gorgeous Easter presents for children. Plus, they look adorable in your home too. Each decoration is hand-finished with a cute carrot charm and a twine bow around its neck. Bunnies measure around 12cm tall and 6.5cm wide. Each one is 2cm thick so it can be freestanding.

Easter presents for children: Freestanding wooden Easter bunny on a shelf with dried flowers and grasses in foreground
Freestanding wooden Easter Bunny decoration

Easter presents for children: All about the Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny fans will love these gifts. Whether it’s a bunny to cuddle up with in bed, or a set of letters from the bunny himself, little ones are going to be so excited about the big day with these gifts on hand.

Personalised cuddly bunny

A personalised bunny makes a beautiful Easter gift that children will enjoy cuddling up with all year round. Choose from a grey or white 30cm tall bunny with a name on its ear in one of five pastel colours. The bunnies are suitable for children of all ages and comply with European Toy Safety Regulation EN71. Let the maker know the name you want on the bunny’s ear and they will make it to order and dispatch it in 5-7 working days.

Personalised cuddly bunnies make great Easter gifts for children
Personalised Easter bunnies

Easter bunny letter bundle

What a joy at this time of year for a child to receive seven personalised letters from the Easter Bunny. Each handcrafted letter comes from the Underground Egg-Speriments Laboratory and covers a different, exciting topic. From sticky situations to incredible inventions, a recipe to make at home and tales of the the annual Easter picnic on Carrot Cake Hill. Families will also receive a Golden Tasty Ticket, congratulating them on being chosen to receive letters from the Easter Bunny. This is a lovely way to encourage reading. New letters are created every year so it can become an Easter tradition. Letters arrive with personalised natural jute twine from the Enchanted Woodland so you can roll each one into a scroll and deliver them around the house for children to find.

Seven letters from the Easter bunny and a golden tasty ticket
Letters from the Easter Bunny

Easter presents for children: Easter activities

Easter holidays are always a little bit hit and miss when it comes to the weather. Sometimes, it’s all Easter egg hunts in the garden in glorious sunshine. Other years, you’re stuck inside with a blizzard howling around the windows. Just in case the latter happens this year, we’ve put together some craft activities to keep little ones entertained.

Happy Box – Easter Edition

Crafty children will love the Easter Edition of the Happy Box. Each one contains six wooden Easter egg shapes to colour in, along with a set of 12 colouring pencils in a brightly coloured drawstring bag. Hang the eggs up and create a bunting to decorate your house for Easter. Every set also contains eight charity postcards, encouraging children to get in touch with friends and family by post during the Easter period.

Happy box Easter edition containing six wooden easter eggs to colour in along with a set of pencil crayons and eight charity postcards
Happy Box Easter Edition

Easter Activity Box

Each adorable Easter activity box contains four white Easter shapes made from plaster of Paris. They can all be painted using the four paints, paintbrush, stickers, gems and sequins provided. Children will have a great time personalising their own creations to make vibrant Easter decorations for the home.

Easter activity box containing four plaster of paris Easter shapes and four paints
Easter activity box

Easter presents for children: Easter egg related gifts

Whilst there’s no actual chocolate available in this guide, you can’t escape eggs at this time of year. So, we’ve got a little selection to help you whether you’re doing an Easter egg hunt or just having boiled eggs for breakfast.

Easter animal egg holder

Pick between a bunny, chick or sheep for your personalised animal egg holder. Each one will have a name of your choice and a personalised Happy Easter message. They all measure around 10cm x 8cm. A stand is included. The hole in the middle of the animal fits a Creme Egg sized egg. These egg holders are ideal for decoration or for use in an Easter egg hunt.

Three personalised animal Easter egg holders in the shape of a lamb, bunny and chick, each containing a Cadbury's Creme Egg
Personalised animal Easter egg holders

Heart shaped wooden egg board

Is it a family tradition for you to have boiled eggs for breakfast on Easter Sunday? If so, these personalised heart shaped wooden egg boards will delight everyone around the table. Each one bears a name of your choice, along with the words, “I love you so much, I could egg-splode!” Serve a boiled egg in the cup with toast soldiers on the board, or insert a chocolate egg instead if you prefer.  

heart shaped personalised wooden egg board with boiled egg in the middle and a spoon on the side displayed on a hessian place mat
Personalised heart shaped wooden egg board

Personalised wooden egg cup

Personalised wooden egg cups with names on make fabulous Easter presents for children that will be used throughout the year. The egg cup measures around 50mm x 50mm and will be personalised with your recipient’s name. Why not purchase one each for the whole family and present them on the breakfast table on Easter Sunday?

Personalised wooden egg cups
Personalised wooden egg cups

Easter egg hunt sign

Is an egg hunt your children’s highlight at this time of year? It’s a lovely way to pass some time on Easter Sunday, with children solving clues to find their Easter eggs. Plus, the prizes are always fun and exciting because you can tailor them to your child’s preferences. This Easter egg hunt sign is ideal for both indoors and outside. Hang it on a ribbon or piece of string to show everyone where the fun starts! Don’t forget to keep it for next year too, it will come in handy year after year. If you’d like an Easter egg hunt that takes a little less organising by you, lots of National Trust properties put on a treasure trail with a chocolatey prize at this time of year.  

Egg hunt sign
Egg hunt sign
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