Festive accessories to make Christmas even more magical

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that we all need to savour the little moments.  Life’s not about big holidays, fancy gifts or extravagant gestures.  It’s about spending time with the ones you love and making memories together.  There’s no better time for making glorious, magical memories than Christmas so we’ve put together a delightful list of festive accessories that will bring Santa’s sparkle into your home. 

Festive accessories to keep the magic of Santa alive

Parents of slightly older children will know the ongoing battle to keep the magic of Santa alive for them.  Christmas will always be a time to relax and enjoy family time.  But there is something so wonderful about discovering that Santa has been for a child who still believes.  These three festive accessories will definitely help your cause when it comes to Father Christmas.  After all, if someone in a red suit lost a button on Christmas Eve, who else could it be?

Elfie’s Christmas Advent Calendar Letters

Christmas is all about family traditions and this one starts on 1st December. The International Elf Service provide personalised letters written by Santa’s Elves in the North Pole. Every day from 1st to 25th December, your child will receive a letter addressed to them. There’s even an extra special letter from Father Christmas himself! The letters arrive in a bundle in a beautifully presented box so you can choose where to leave the letters for them to find each day. This is a lovely way to encourage young readers as they race to find out the goings on in the North Pole from Elfie’s daily news.

Festive accessories for December - personalised elf letters from the North Pole
Personalised Letters from Elfie direct from the North Pole

The bell still rings for those who truly believe

One of the absolute classic festive films, the Polar Express is all about holding onto your belief in Santa and not letting go.  In the movie, a little boy is starting to doubt the magic of Christmas.  He boards the Polar Express to the North Pole in his pyjamas and on arrival, he is chosen to receive the first gift of Christmas.  Without giving too much away, the gift is a bell from Santa’s sleigh.  But when he rings it on Christmas morning, his parents can’t hear it.  But of course, the little boy and his sister can.  Because the bell still rings for those who truly believe.

This gorgeous “believe” bell will be a huge hit, especially with Polar Express fans.  It stands at 3″ tall and rings out beautifully.  As long as you truly believe!

Festive accessories from the Polar Express - the first gift of Christmas - Santa's bell with a gift tag saying "the bell still rings for those who truly believe"
The bell still rings for those who truly believe

Santa’s lost button

This is a gorgeous idea for children who are just starting to doubt the man in red.  Not only has Santa lost a button, a piece of his jacket has ripped off with it too!  Make Christmas morning even more captivating by hiding the beautifully engraved wooden button somewhere for the children to find.  It is sewn onto a square of red fabric for extra authenticity.  Santa’s button is a beautifully thoughtful festive accessory that costs just £2.50 plus £1 for delivery.  A small price to pay for another year of magic.

Brown button from Santa's suit attached to red cloth
Santa’s lost button

A newspaper from the North Pole

Whether children are avid readers or a little reluctant, they’ll be spellbound by the goings on at the North Pole in the North Pole Express Santa Newspaper.  Full of stories about Father Christmas and his elves, the eight-page publication can’t fail to get children reading.  Learn about worldwide Christmas traditions and giggle along with illustrations of life is at the North Pole.  Short features keep children engaged and there’s even news from the naughty and nice list, colouring in, a quiz and the sports page at the back.  This would make an ideal Christmas Eve box gift or stocking filler.  Or just leave one on the coffee table for guests to flick through.

Two children reading North Pole Express newspapers which are great Christmas accessories for the coffee table
North Pole Express

Festive accessories: Something to cuddle

One of the best things about Winter is staying indoors wearing warm pyjamas and fluffy slippers.  For children, a new friend to cuddle can be one of the most exciting Christmas gifts.  These two festive favourites are no exception.  In fact, we’re sure they’ll be cuddled all year round.

Personalised cuddly reindeer pyjama case

If children are cuddly toy lovers, their bedrooms can quickly become overrun with them.  And who can resist a cuddly reindeer at Christmas?  Thankfully, this one has a practical use too.  In fact, this reindeer pyjama case might just help little ones to keep their rooms a bit tidier.  Personalise the cuddly red-nosed reindeer with a name in glittery gold writing.  Rudolf even comes with a removable stuffing pad so that when he isn’t full of pyjamas, he’s still cuddly.

Festive accessories like the reindeer pyjama case this child is cuddling will be used all year round
Cuddly personalised reindeer pyjama case

Handmade elf doll

If you love Santa’s elves but don’t fancy the hassle of doing elf on the shelf, these handmade elf dolls are for you.  Personalise your elf with your chosen gender, skin tone, hair colour and hair style.  Made with a soft wool blend, yarn hair and felt safety eyes, these elves are ideal for cuddling up with on the sofa at Christmas. 

Three handmade elf doll festive accessories
Handmade elf dolls

Festive decorations

These days, a Christmas tree, baubles and a bit of tinsel don’t really cut it when it comes to decorating.  Here at Dorothy and Theodore, we’re loving some of the more traditional decorations for interiors.  It’s all about the personalised wooden decorations and gorgeous wall and window art for us this year.

Personalised wooden reindeer decorations

We love the vintage wooden look of these freestanding reindeer decorations finished with silver bells and a twine bow.  Engrave them with a single name or the family name and stand them on a shelf or mantle-piece.  Or why not make it a family affair?  Surround your large family reindeer with adorable little ones.  These can be personalised too and have the same rustic finish.

Freestanding reindeer Christmas accessory
Freestanding reindeer Christmas decoration

Santa on the wall or window

Wish visitors or passers by a Merry Christmas with a wall or window sticker featuring Santa flying by on his sleigh with three beautiful reindeer.  Available in a wide variety of colours to perfectly suit your interior design theme, these fun stickers can be mirrored to be read from outside.  Wall and window stickers come in four sizes from small to extra-large, making them ideal for any space.

Festive accessories next to wall decoration with Santa in his sleigh with reindeer and the words Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Christmas sleigh wall decoration

Personalised Christmas cards to spread a little festive magic to friends and family

While we’re at it with the festive accessories, we might as well spread a little bit of Christmas cheer to friends and family.  You might have noticed that we’re rather partial to personalised gift cards here at Dorothy and Theodore and Christmas cards are no exception.

Winter Coat Christmas Cards

Create a unique Christmas card to represent your family with these adorable Winter Coat Christmas Cards.  Let the maker know what greeting you would like, along with your family name. Then, choose a coat and accessory for every member of your family. There are three coat sizes to choose from and even the pets get a look in with dog leads and cat collars to hang on their very own hook.

Personalised Winter coats Christmas card
Personalised Winter coats Christmas card

Digitally drawn personalised Christmas cards

Enthral your Christmas card recipients this year with a pack of 10 personalised Christmas cards that look just like you. Give the artist your name and send them a photo of you. They’ll create a digitally illustrated version of you. Each card is printed on high quality, matte photo paper and they come with coordinating envelopes.

Personalised digitally drawn Christmas card
Personalised digitally drawn Christmas card

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