Personalised Rainbow Family Print 2020

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Age, skin tone, glasses, hair colour and style....

Age, skin tone, glasses, hair colour and style....

Age, skin tone, glasses, hair colour and style....

Age, skin tone, glasses, hair colour and style....

Age, skin tone, glasses, hair colour and style....

Age, skin tone, glasses, hair colour and style....

Please give height details in comparison to each other e.g; Dad tallest, Mum comes up to shoulder, oldest child up to Dad's chest, youngest child up to Dad's waist.

this will leb added in coloured writing at the bottom of the picture

Please select either the size print you require

Please select the correct frame size to match your print size

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Personalised Rainbow Family 2020 

Please note the dispatch time due to the popularity of these prints as well as the current situation*

Product Details   

We have never been so grateful of family than we are right now. This artwork is a celebration of that, hand drawn to represent your family,. 

We think this happy rainbow portrait captures the moment. Reading "When the world stayed apart, we stayed together"   

The simplest way to create the artworks is to email photo(s) of the individuals you would like in the picture of how they typically look hair and clothes etc. If certain details like clothes are not clear, please provide a description of the individual(s) above - e.g Mum normally wears jeans and stripy tops etc

 Your pets can also be added to your family print at a cost of £5.00 per pet, please provide photos to assist our artist. 

Please email your photo(s) to [email protected] together with your order number. They will need to be very clear as to who is who.

You can choose to have your picture framed in an A4 or A3 white frame. Again, simply select which option you would like.

Please choose how many members there are for your family print. There is a option to also to add pets. Larger family prints will be created in a landscape profile.

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A proof of the print will be sent to you before the final print is dispatched - please allow time for this when placing your order. Please look out for an email from [email protected] in your inbox or spam folder (as sometimes they slip into the wrong box)!  Also, where possible please provide a contact number so we can keep in touch with you regarding your proof.

Dispatch and Delivery

Method - Royal Mail 

Cost - £3.95


*Due to the current situation we aim to dispatch these prints within 28 days 


As this Personalised Family Print is made to order, no returns can be accepted unless they are faulty.


My order has just arrived and I cannot say how truly wonderful it is! I absolutely love it and my parents will be thrilled when they see it - thank you so very much, what a unique and fantastic present to give to someone. I cannot recommend your work enough and shall definitely be ordering a family one for myself (in the new year when your Christmas rush finishes and the item is once again available).

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