Rainbow Ceramic Hot Air Balloon

Rainbow Ceramic Hot Air Balloon

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Rainbow Ceramic Hot Air Balloon

Product details:

These hot air balloons come in a variety of different patterns and colours, that you can tailor make to suit any bedroom or nursery. Handmade using ceramic casting slip and string, the balloons are surprisingly light weight and, due to the choice of vibrant colours available, look striking in the corner of a child's bedroom hung from the ceiling, or attached over the end of a curtain pole.

The little basket is secured to the balloon with a thick string and can have a toy sat in it to add to the magic. I have created many balloons to a variety of unusual requests with themes for Irish balloons, football team themes and vintage style balloons... simply choose and match a colour scheme that works for you!

If you have any questions you can contact me directly

You can either leave the colour selection to me, or if you have specific colours you wish to use, simply list 8 numbers from the colour chart of over 30 different combinations.

made from:

100% Handmade from a white earthenware ceramic and attached together using string.

Please not this is not a mobile to hang over a bed or baby's crib, it is designed to be place in the corner of a room and hung out of reach of children. Secure safely by drilling and using a ceiling hook.


The balloon measures approx 36.5cm circumference by 15cm height and the basket is 2.5cm circumference by 1.5cm height

approx 250g


Method: Royal Mail

Cost: £3.90

Dispatch Time: 10-14 days

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