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family peg

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Product Details:

This piece of beautifully handcrafted, wall mounted furniture completes any hall or room it is placed in.

The Family Peg is big enough to stand out for all of the right resons, its design.

In this throw away society that we find ourselves in , more and more people are now upcycling items to give them a second lease of life. The galvanised pegs which are used on this piece are reclaimed from old B.T telegraph poles. Each peg has already stood the test of time, this shows in the patina which is present on the galvanised metal.

The patina is the main reason these pegs were choosen as the contrast between the new Oak and weathered metal is stunning. Attached to the Oak with shiney new coach bolts, the bolt head adds a third element to the design.

Personalisation is very important as peole love to own of gift an item they feel they have had an level of input within the final design. Should you wish, The Family Peg is available blank.

Available with 2, 3, 4 and 5 pegs, please chose the number of pegs required from the options menu on the right of this page. There is room above each peg for idividuals names or one long message. If you would like one long message please select that option.

Starting at 50 cm for the two peg version, for every peg added the overall length increases by 20 cm

The chosen text is laser engraved into the Oak with the highest precision, this makes the text really pop out from the Oak.

The Family Peg is made using the finest quality European Oak. Each of the reclaimed pegs is attached using new stainless steel coach bolts.

Attached to the wall using a split battern, there are no visible fixing points. The Oak plank is 25cm x 5 cm and starting at 50 cm with two pegs, really asserts it presence in any environment.

The Family Peg is where coats want to be hung.

Delivery Details:

Delivery method - Royal Mail

Cost - £15.00

Delivery time - 1-2 weeks

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