How to make Christmas magical

What little traditions make Christmas magical for your family? If you’re looking for inspiration, Dorothy and Theodore are on hand with loads of fun ideas. From little gifts to home made items and crafts, a magical Christmas doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

A magical advent with some help from the North Pole

A magical Christmas isn’t just about the day itself. Whilst a family Christmas is always a treat, anticipation of the big day is often just as much fun. Starting on 1st December, Children everywhere anticipate opening their advent calendar or even letters from Santa’s elves. Here are a few ideas to make advent special.

Advent Elf letters

For children who still believe in Santa, the Elves and the North Pole, there is nothing more magical than receiving a letter from the elves. These gorgeous advent calendar letters from Elfie are personalised especially for your child. Each one comes directly from the North Pole with plenty of love and a little extra sparkle.

Let Elfie know your children’s names on the Dorothy and Theodore website and you will receive a box of 26 hand-illustrated, eco-friendly letters, complete with envelopes and a special letter from Santa. Each day will see another instalment of a Christmas story all about the elves preparing for Christmas Eve. Hide the letters for your children to find and cement their belief in the magic of Father Christmas.

Pile of letters from Santa's elves with colourful Christmas decorations on the letters and a certificate on top of the pile, and a brown box with a ribbon around it
Letters from Elfie

Book advent calendar

What is a book advent calendar? It’s fairly self explanatory, involving a book a day for advent. If you’re doing letters from Elfie, you could leave each letter on top of a book. Alternatively, wrap up 24 books in a pile and put numbers on them. We suggest putting the book pile into a Christmas tree shape for both festive effect and ease of stacking. This may sound expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.

We highly recommend this gorgeous personalised 24 Sleeps til Christmas book to start off your book advent calendar. Choose from hardback or softback and personalise it with your recipient’s name and a message. It’s full of Christmas-inspired activities that help children to learn letters, numbers, shapes and colours. Festive illustrations and colouring pages combine with the presence of your child’s name on every page to make the book captivating from start to finish.

24 sleeps til Christmas book full of activities to make Christmas magical
24 sleeps til Christmas

For an eco friendly option, look out for books in charity shops. If you have a local charity bookshop that’s a great place to start, but you can find some real bargains in other charity shops too. If this still sounds a bit pricey, how about a book swap? Team up with friends and family to swap books in preparation for your book advent. That way you get to read the books they loved and pass on the ones that you’ve finished with. Keep it eco friendly by using recycled wrapping paper, brown paper or even newspaper to wrap up your book advent calendar.

Wrapped books forming a book advent to make Christmas magical
Make Christmas magical with a book advent – photo courtesy of Pixabay

Home made advent calendar

If you love the idea of a home made advent calendar but books aren’t right for you, why not make a reusable advent calendar to fill with whatever you fancy? This might be a gift for someone else, or simply to make Christmas magical for you. Craft lovers could have a go at making a felt advent calendar with various decorations. Or, make something a little larger that can contain a daily gift. Save your toilet rolls to turn them into crackers, then fill them with small toys or treats for children or naughty little alcoholic miniatures for the grown ups. Some people prefer to make miniature stockings or even bunting with each flag containing a pocket to put a gift in.

Home made advent calendar with hessian stockings hanging in a line
Home made advent calendar photo courtesy of Pixabay

Could a cuddly elf make Christmas magical for you?

The naughty elves that appears in people’s homes at this time of year really do divide opinion don’t they? Thinking of something for them to do every day is such a hassle, but elves are part of Christmas for children. Luckily, we can recommend an alternative. How about a cuddly elf instead of a naughty one?

These handmade elf dolls are adorable, not least because each one has a unique personality. Customise your elf with your chosen gender, skin tone, hair colour and hair style. Made with a soft wool blend, yarn hair and felt safety eyes, these elves are ideal for cuddling up with on the sofa at Christmas. Plus, they promise not to get up to any mischief.

Three handmade elf doll Christmas accessories
Handmade elf dolls

News and anticipation!

Gradually build the suspense of Christmas day with some fun deliveries from the North Pole. Don’t forget to write to Santa too, he might even write back!

Letter to Santa

Did you know that if you write to Santa and send the letter via the North Pole with the correct address and a stamp on it, he will actually reply? Here’s the address:

Santa/Father Christmas
Santa’s Grotto

For further information, see the Royal Mail website.

To make letter writing a little easier for little ones, why not use one of these beautiful Letters to Santa? You can choose to address the letter to Santa or Father Christmas. All children need to do is fill it in with their name and age, tick naughty or nice and tell Santa what they would like. There’s space for a drawing too and the letter comes with an envelope and a Christmas pencil.  

Letter to Santa for children to fill in to make Christmas magical
Letter to Santa

North Pole Express

Why not start December with some news and gossip from the North Pole? The North Pole Express Santa Newspaper is full of stories about Father Christmas and his elves. Learn about worldwide Christmas traditions and giggle along with illustrations of life is at the North Pole.  Short features keep children engaged and there’s even news from the naughty and nice list, colouring in, a quiz and the sports page at the back. 

Two children reading the North Pole Express newspaper
North Pole Express

Naughty or Nice scratch card

After reading up on the Naughty and Nice list news in the North Pole Express, children will be desperate to know which list they are on! Choose whether the card comes from Father Christmas or Santa Claus. Then, hand it over and let children see their fate. Scratch off the panel to reveal whether they’ve been naughty or nice this year. Don’t worry, you get to choose what the card will say. Pick from nice, mostly nice or naughty.  

Scratchcard from Father Christmas to tell children whether they are on the naughty or nice list
Naughty or nice scratch card

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