Jewellery gifts for Christmas

Jewellery gifts for Christmas are the ultimate thoughtful presents. Show an understanding of your recipient’s likes and tastes with the perfect piece for them. That might sound like a challenge, but needless to say we’re here to help. We have jewellery for everyone from mums to dads, best friends to guinea pig owners. Take a browse through our beautiful jewellery collection or read on for a few ideas.

Jewellery gifts for Christmas: Necklaces

Necklaces make love jewellery gifts for Christmas, particularly when they really speak to your recipient’s tastes. Dorothy and Theodore’s makers specialise in quirky, thoughtful jewellery. Each one is lovingly handcrafted to bring a smile to the face of the wearer.

My heart belongs to you necklace

This beautiful intertwined sterling silver necklace features two styles of heart. On the front, the solid heart is engraved with the words, “Guess how much I love you“. The back is left blank for engraving of your choice. Arriving in a gift box complete with certificate of authenticity, this makes a beautiful Christmas gift. 

My heart belongs to you intertwined necklace is one of a series of jewellery gifts on Dorothy and Theodore - displayed on a white box with the Guess How Much I Love You book in the background
Intertwined hearts necklace

Holly Leaf Necklace

A real holly leaf cast into sterling silver makes the ideal gift for a true Christmas lover. Every detail on the intricate leaf shows through when worn on its 18 inch silver chain. For an extra special touch, add three sterling silver berries or a bell charm. Each leaf is hallmarked and arrives in a beautiful jewellery box wrapped with a ribbon ready for gifting.

Sterling silver holly leaf necklace presented on a grey background with red berries on the right hand side of the photo
Holly leaf necklace

Children necklace

Depicting between two and four children holding hands, a children necklace makes a beautiful jewellery gift for mums and grandmothers. Choose from two to four children and their gender to represent the family. Hand cut from 1mm thick sterling silver, this necklace has a brushed finish. It comes with a 45cm chain attached and is presented in a black and silver box with care instructions and silver polish.

Children necklace displayed on a grey pebble
Children necklace

Guinea pig necklace

It is no wonder that this adorable guinea pig necklace is one of our best selling jewellery gifts for Christmas. What guinea pig lover wouldn’t want one of these cute silver creatures around their neck? The design is hand cut into a guinea pig shape from 1mm thick sterling silver. Its delightful black eyes are hand painted with black enamel and the silver has a brushed finish. The guinea pig comes attached to a 45cm sterling silver chain and arrives in a box with silver polish.

Guinea pig necklace displayed on a grey pebble
Guinea pig necklace


Earrings make a beautiful Christmas gift. We all love something sparkly and new to wear at Christmas. Equally, if one of these pairs makes you smile, why not treat yourself? They would cheer up any festive party outfit more than even the most glittery Christmas jumper.

Fine Silver Heart Earrings

Treat someone special to a dainty pair of silver heart earrings made from 99.9% pure silver. These fine silver hearts are hand made in Scotland and measure around 7mm wide with silver posts and butterfly scroll backs.

Silver heart stud earrings displayed against a light wood background
Silver heart earrings

Silver Humming Bird Earrings

Stunningly delicate silver hummingbird dangle earrings made from 925 sterling silver make fantastic jewellery gifts for Christmas. That’s if you can bear to part with them instead of keeping them for yourself. Arriving boxed with full silver care information, these earrings will turn heads wherever you go.

silver humming bird earrings make lovely jewellery gifts - photographed on a white background hanging from a horizontal silver spike
Humming bird earrings


Choose between a dainty infinity bracelet or a robust leather bracelet with a secret message. Both make ideal jewellery gifts for Christmas with the secret message bracelet being just as popular among men as women.

Secret Message Bracelet

Send a secret message to your loved ones to remind them of you every day. A secret message bracelet is ideal for children at school, long distance partners or simply the friend in need of a little extra support. Let the seller know your secret message and they will stamp it exactly as typed onto a flat strip of aluminium. Next, it is twisted into a spiral and threaded onto a tough leather bracelet to be sent to you.

Secret message bracelets make ideal jewellery gifts for Christmas for everyone. Black leather bracelet with aluminium twist stamped with secret message displayed on white background
Secret message bracelet

Personalised Infinity Bracelet

Represent the never-ending bond of love and friendship with a figure of eight infinity charm presented on an exquisite sterling silver bracelet. A letter charm is included and more can be added. All components are made from sterling silver for a long-lasting gift that will always remind the recipient that you are thinking of them.

Silver infinity charm on a bracelet with the letter B charm. Displayed on a wrist with pink flowers in the background
Infinity bracelet

Matching sets

When a child misses their parent, it is a beautiful thing to have a piece of jewellery to remind them that their mum or dad is thinking of them. Both of you can wear part of the same charm to represent your eternal bond. It’s not just for the mums either, dads can get involved with a personalised keyring to match their daughter’s necklace.

Mother and Daughter Necklace Set

Celebrate your mother-daughter bond with a pair of handmade, fine silver necklaces. The mother’s necklace is a 17mm disc. A small heart is cut from that disk to create the daughter’s necklace. If you have more than one daughter, you can purchase extra daughter necklaces so that you all have a matching set. Each charm is presented on an 18 inch sterling silver ball chain and arrives in a package ready for gifting.

mother and daughter necklaces created ready to give as jewellery gifts for Christmas. Presented on a silver ball chain and displayed on a book
Mother and daughter necklaces

Necklace and keyring set

Dads and daughters have a special bond that should be celebrated. This stainless steel dog tag keyring has a small heart cut out of it to make the necklace charm. The keyring is hand stamped with, “There’s this girl who stole my heart, she calls me Daddy.” For dads of more than one daughter, up to four hearts can be cut from the same keyring. The message then changes to, “There are these girls who stole my heart, they call me Daddy.” Each daughter receives a personalised necklace with their name on the little heart and a Swarovski crystal in a colour of your choice. Prefer a different message or a keyring for mummy instead of daddy? Just let the seller know.

Stainless steel dog tag keyring with a heart cut out engraved with the words "There's this girl who stole my heart She calls me Daddy".  Displayed next to a necklace with a heart charm with the name Abigail and a pink crystal.
Daddy and daughter keepsakes

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