'Once Upon A Time' Christening Or Birthday Cube

'Once Upon A Time' Christening Or Birthday Cube

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'Once Upon A Time' Christening Or Birthday Cube

Product Details:

A lovely gift for a christening or a birhtday with a little story about the child engraved around a beautiful hardwood cube.

A sweet gift for a christening or for a childs birthday, telling a little story about the child themselves. This is a very tactile gift that can be used as a starting point for bedtime stories or can simply be kept in the child's room and treasured.

What child doesn't like to read all about themselves! Our Once Upon a Time wooden cube is engraved on all four sides with a little story that you can write yourself, adding the childs name, their date of birth and age, maybe where they live and of course their favourite things. You can also choose a theme for the tiny pictures to accompany the text. For parents this is a gorgeous little snapshot in time.

Packed in a little fabric bag with a gift label.

Choose from a seasoned hardwood cube in solid oak, birch or maple block engraved with your own story on all four sides.

Choose tiny pictures to accompany your text from a number of themes - Princess, Pirate, Jungle Animals, Spaceman, or Bunnies which arew lovely for new borns. Or if you like something simpler go for simple stars or flowers. Our wooden cubes are made from natural and untreated wood, with rounded edges and no splinters.

Please note this is one solid wood block engraved on all four sides with your own choice of text, additional blocks are available with a little discount, if you would like more than one. We have photographed four blocks so that you can see all 4 sides.

Made from:

Made from solid wood - oak, birch or maple.


6 cm square.


Method -  Royal Mail first class

Cost - £2.95 Standard or £6.95 Express 

Dispatch - 5 working days

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