The Birthday Yearbook

The Birthday Yearbook

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Two Little Boys
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The Birthday Yearbook

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The baby book of a lifetime! The perfect baby shower gift.

We think parenting is time consuming and guilt filled enough without having the added pressure of filling up pages and pages of weekly milestones.

So this is one book, eighteen years, twenty minutes of your and your dearests' time once a year and hey presto! On their 18th Birthday, you can, at least, hand them their life history and say 'See, I was paying attention!'.

Makes a wonderful birth/first birthday present. With room for photos, comments, plus space to jot down milestones, this beautiful book comes in a plastic case to keep it safe over the years.

The Birthday Yearbook won the Gift Association's Gift of the Year Award when we first let it loose in to the world, and and more recently it was given the Silver Award in Practical Parenting's competition of the best gifts for new parents.

Has enough pages to fill with eighteen years worth of memories. Each year has two double page spreads. One for the actual day, so a picture of the cake or the party and messages from guests and one double page spread where the parents get their say about the year. It's thick front cover and sturdy case means this book will easily last until the time comes when you can present your eighteen year old with their life story so far.

Highly quality thick card used for cover pages that will stand the test of time. Thick paper internal pages. Plastic case to keep the album safe.

Size: 23 x 24 cm


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