Make your Own full colour "Peacock" Handprint Card

Peacock Handprint Card

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Everything you need to make your very own handprint card!

A card that is sure to be treasured as a special keepsake or memory.

We love these cards because they are great for younger children to get creative whilst making a special card for Mummy, Daddy, whoever!!  They are so easy, effective and very very pretty.

The handprints are the peacock's feathers and can be painted in any colour and way you choose and will always look fabulous - because your little ones have created it!.

A perfect Hands on Card that will keep the little ones entertained whilst creating a special card for a special someone!


Delivery Method: Royal Mail

Cost £1.50

Dispatch Time: 3 days

I ordered these for my daughter's thank you cards. We had so many compliments on them, and I thought they were really beautiful and great value. Highly recommended!