Matisse and the Sneezy Scarecrow Book

Matisse the Cat

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Matisse and the Sneezy Scarecrow Book

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I am Matisse, a six year old cat and I live with Hugh and his Mum and Dad.  Hugh is my boy and I love him very much. He looks after me and plays with me EVERY day when he comes home from school. My favourite game is hide ‘n’ seek. We have lots of fun together.  Sometimes when Hugh goes to school, I get tickly whiskers. When my whiskers tickle, it makes me giggle. I can giggle so much that I find myself in the middle of very exciting adventures with new friends from all over the world.

In this adventure I meet a sneezy scarecrow.  Why does Sneezy the Scarecrow sneeze?  Let's go and find out.  Will we be able to help him stop sneezing, scare those crows, and make him happy again?  I'm sure that we’ll meet lots of new friends along the way.

A delightful story for children of all ages.  Available as a softback book.  Other titles also available. 

If you would like your book signed by the author Amanda Walsh and personalised with a special dedication, please fill in the details, as you require it to be written, in the option box.  


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