Rainbow Reward System

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Rainbow Reward System

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A lovely way to reward good behaviour, these gorgeous Rainbow Reward Systems are such a charming alternative to the traditional sticker reward chart, and can be tailored completely to meet the needs of your child.  The Rainbow comes complete with a set of 9 cloud tokens and 1 pot of gold token and these can be slotted into the Rainbow when they have been awarded.  The whole set can be reused over and over again by giving the rainbow a little shake to release the tokens ready to start again.

The tokens are acrylic which means they can be written on with a dry wipe marker, and wiped off, ready to use again and again.

Although only 10 tokens will fit at a time, extras are available to use a spares, or if you would like to write on the tokens with a more permanent pen. 

The Rainbow Reward System measures 20cm x 10cm and is available in bright colour option or pastel colours. 

The Rainbow does not hang, but is designed to stand on a shelf propped up against a wall. Out of reach of children, but easy for you to move and add extra tokens. 

Delivery Details

Method:  Royal Mail

Cost: £3.50

Dispatch time: Within 14 days

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