Luxury personalised Christmas cards

To show loved ones we’ll be thinking of them during the festive season, luxury personalised Christmas cards go the extra mile. Here at Dorothy and Theodore, we have a selection of fun cards that will be uniquely yours. There’s even a fabulous kit so you can make your own. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook so you can see when new makers and products are added to our website too.

Luxury personalised Christmas cards represent your family as fun characters

If you like the idea of portraying your family without the hassle of posing for a festive photo, these personalised character cards are for you. Give recipients a laugh as you transform into the elf on the shelf family, gingerbread people or gnomes.

Luxury personalised photo Christmas cards – your family as elves

Email photos of your family members to this talented maker and she will transform you all into elves on your very own luxury personalised photo Christmas cards. Each person’s face is drawn true to life from your photo. So, make sure it’s a good one! You will receive a pack of 20 cards with white envelopes. Proofs will be sent to you for approval prior to dispatch.

luxury personalised photo Christmas cards with a family of people transformed into cartoon elves
Luxury personalised photo Christmas cards

Gingerbread family Christmas cards

Choose a gingerbread character to represent each of up to five family members. Even pets can be depicted by stars or paw prints. Give the artist your surname and they’ll create a unique Christmas card from you all. The family name appears in the greeting with first names under each character. These luxury personalised Christmas cards are A5 tent folded on white semi-gloss silk card with envelopes. Available in various pack sizes from 12 to 60.

Luxury personalised Christmas cards with cute illustrated gnome representations of a family.
Your family as gingerbread people

Gonk Gnome Family Christmas Cards

Families with a sense of humour can transform into adorably cute gnomes with huge Christmas hats over their eyes. There’s even a little reindeer to represent your pet. Choose up to five gnome characters and tell the artist your first names, family name and ages of the children. Customers can select the greeting they want and a proof will be sent over before cards are dispatched.

Luxury personalised Christmas cards with cute illustrated gnome representations of a family.
Your family as cute gnomes

An illustrated representation of you

You can’t go far wrong with a festive picture of you digitally drawn by an artist as your Christmas card. You’ll need to provide us with an image so we can achieve a good likeness. You’ll receive a pack of 10 cards on high quality matte photo paper with envelopes. These are a lovely way for children to wish friends and family a merry Christmas but they’re equally suitable for adults looking for fun greetings cards.

Digitally illustrated luxury personalised Christmas card with picture of sender
Digitally illustrated luxury personalised Christmas cards

A luxury personalised Christmas card for your favourite couple

Why not personalise a Christmas card for your favourite couple, immortalising them as Mr and Mrs Claus? Let the artist know their names so they can put them on the front of the card. This brightly coloured design is ideal for family and friends. Approximately 5×5 inches in size and printed on high quality, matte photo paper with a co-ordinating envelope. It arrives in a biodegradable and compostable protective sleeve.

Luxury personalised Mr and Mrs Claus Christmas card
Luxury personalised Mr and Mrs Claus Christmas card

Represent your family with festive accessories

If caricatures aren’t your thing but you’re still looking for luxury personalised Christmas cards that depict your family, look no further than our festive accessories cards.

Winter Coat Christmas Cards

Create a unique Christmas card to represent your family with these adorable Winter Coat Christmas Cards.  Let the maker know what greeting you would like, along with your family name. Then, choose a coat and accessory for every family member. There are three coat sizes to choose from and even the pets get a look in with dog leads and cat collars to hang on their very own hook.

Personalised Winter coats Christmas card
Personalised Winter coats Christmas card

Personalised Stockings Christmas Cards

Larger families or those with pets will love these cards with a stocking to represent each member of the family. Choose up to six stockings with a name on each one. They all hang by individual pegs from a cord set against a festive backdrop of Christmas trees and snow. You can personalise the messages both on the front and inside the card. Envelopes are included, so they’re ready to send.

Luxury personalised Christmas Stocking Card
Luxury personalised Christmas Stocking card

Make your own luxury personalised Christmas cards

Are you looking to treat friends and family to a completely unique Christmas card this year? The best way to guarantee that there will never be another one quite the same is to make cards yourself. Our gorgeous Christmas card making kit has everything you need to create four of your very own Christmas cards. Envelopes are supplied too so you can just add a little glue and lots of imagination! The message inside is blank for you to personalise.

Christmas card making kit with reindeer, Christmas tree, gift and stocking cards pictured
Christmas card making kit

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