Mother’s Day Keepsake Gifts

When it comes to Mother’s Day keepsake gifts, it’s definitely the thought that counts. Check out our selection of small gifts and cards that mums will love. Ranging from beautiful wall hangings to personalised key rings, these gifts will stand the test of time. Dorothy and Theodore is full of mum gift ideas and these are just a few of our favourites.

Mother’s Day keepsake gifts for the wall

If you’re looking for a Mother’s Day gift that will take pride of place, why not consider some wall art that your mother will love? It’s always satisfying to see a gift you bought displayed for all to see. We think this wall art will definitely fall into that category. Subtle yet eye-catching and unusual.

Valuable mum lessons wall print

Of all the things we learn from our mums over the years, there are always a few that really stick. This valuable mum lessons wall print displays those little gems of wisdom for all to see. Choose between a standard print as shown in the image below, or personalise it with your mum’s own lessons for an extra £5.

If you decide on a personalised mum lessons print, simply list them as you would like them to appear so our makers can create the ideal print for you. Where wording is lengthy, a smaller font will be used. Before shipping your personalised print, we will send you a PDF proof via email for approval.

When you’re happy with the design, it will be printed onto premium gloss paper and presented in a white mount. It will be shipped to you in a chunky white wooden 23cm x 23cm frame. This can be freestanding or hang on the wall. The product will be dispatched within five working days with free delivery via Royal Mail second class.

Valuable mum lessons wall print with lessons from mum in colourful writing presented inside a white wooden frame
Valuable lessons from Mum

Trio of black wire hearts

This trio of handmade black wire hearts will look absolutely beautiful in your mum’s home. Their minimalist, monochrome look allows them to fit in with the decor of any room.  

Each set of three consists of a small, medium and large heart. The largest is 20cm tall. All are lovingly created from 3mm aluminium wire and come with wall pins so you can hang them up.  

Handmade black wire wall hearts
Handmade black wire wall hearts

Mother’s Day keepsake gifts for mum to carry with her

Letting your children go is one of the hardest things about being a mum. Whether it’s their first day of school or the day they finally leave home. That’s why we know your mum will appreciate a keepsake from you that she can always carry with her.

This Mummy belongs to… personalised keyring

Hand stamped with children’s names, our “this mummy belongs to…” personalised keyrings are among our most popular Mother’s Day keepsake gifts. Larger families are catered for too with the option to represent up to ten children and a pet. 

The keyring holds a stainless steel tag attachment stamped with “This Mummy belongs to”. You can then add as many boy or girl figures as you like, each stamped with a child’s name. Every child is represented with a birthstone as well as their stainless steel figure. A combination of hand stamping and representation of your family make this a totally unique gift. Should you be treating your gran as well this Mother’s Day, let our maker know and they can create a “This Grandma belongs to” keyring for you.  

This mummy belongs to stainless steel keyring with a boy figure with the name Ashley and a girl figure with the name Brooke. These are popular mother's day keepsake gifts.
This Mummy belongs to… keyring

Mum’s glasses case

When you think of Mothers’ Day keepsake gifts, mum’s glasses case may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But if your mum is always losing her glasses then what better thing to turn into a keepsake?

A white classes case with shiny gold stars on is rather difficult to lose. The text reads, “Mum’s glasses” in large, gold writing. Beneath that, smaller, black handwriting-style text declares, “with superpower Mum vision”.  No more lost glasses for mum, just a constant reminder that you’re thinking of her.  

mother's day keepsake gifts mum's glasses case with gold writing saying "mum's glasses" and smaller black text underneath saying "with superpower mum vision".  Displayed on two books.
Mum’s glasses case

Mother’s Day Cards

Even if your mum isn’t one for Mother’s Day keepsake gifts, a well thought out Mother’s Day card will be greatly appreciated. You may even want to get a template to make one yourself. If you’re not quite that crafty, check out these beautiful cards from our talented makers.

You are my world map heart Mother’s Day card

Show your mum you appreciate her with this “you are my world” heart-shaped map Mother’s Day card made from recycled card.  On the front is a map of the globe in a heart shape, with the message “Mum, you are my World” underneath.  

If you’d like to make this a personalised card, simply let our maker know and they can put a message of your choice both on the front and inside. This simple, stylish card supplied with a brown envelope is a classy way to show your mum how much you love her. If you can’t be with your mum this Mother’s Day, we can print it with your message and send it to her directly.

Mother's Day keepsake gifts should be delivered with a thoughtful card like this Mum, you are my world card with map on the front
Mum, you are my World

Colour your own Mother’s Day card

This colour your own Mother’s Day card is such a lovely keepsake gift for a mum with young children. A5 sized and freestanding, the wooden card comes with two feet so it can be easily displayed. On the front, the card says “Happy Mother’s Day. Above the writing is a line of bunting and below it is a beautiful rainbow with clouds either side.  

The whole of the front of the card can be coloured in, so children can create something really special that their mum will want to keep forever.  

Colour your own wooden freestanding mother's day card displayed beside red flowers with a red paper heart in the foreground
Colour your own Mother’s Day card

For more gifts that will make your mother happy, check out our personalised gifts. If you’re shopping for gifts for a birthday, anniversary or other occasion, why not browse the site for some more ideas.

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