These are my Grandchildren - Gift For Grandad

A very special gift for Grandad

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These are my Grandchildren - Gift For Grandad

Product Details:

You really couldn't ask for a gift that will be treasured by a grandfather as much as this.

A wonderful gift for proud grandads everywhere.

Simply hand the book to all grandchildren (or their accompanying adults) and fill in a section per grandchild.

Ask a three year old if grandad has any children or what they like about grandad's home and the answers they give will often be surprising, very funny, incredibly sweet and ultimately priceless.

There's nothing quite as adorable for a grandparent than hearing the how much for grandchildren love you, and there's nothing quite as hilarious than reading that your eldest grandson, when asked what he thinks your favourite toy is, has answered "the red penguin".  There are real "Out of the Mouths of Babes" moments to be had with this gift.

There's even space for a photograph of Grandad with each Grandchild who writes in it.  You can guarantee there will be goosebumps and tears of joy when he receives this most thoughtful of gifts.

It's entirely up to you how you go about having it filled in.  You can buy this book for your father and just have your own children fill it in for him.  Once he's the proud owner of it, he can hand it around to the parents of his other grandchildren and have them add their sections to it.  It really is entirely up to you whether you give it to the lucky grandad as a complete book or as a gift that can be added to.

Designed for all age groups to fill in a section each.

2 double pages per child, for up to 12 children.

22cm x 22cm

Spiral bound - Hard back book

Method:  Royal Mail

Cost: FREE

Dispatch Time:  1-3 working days

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