Massage Oil Gift Set

Massage Oil set

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Massage Oil Gift Set

Revitalising Body Oil Gift Set

100% Natural Hand Blended Massage & Body Oil


  • 100ml Miron Glass bottle filled with blend #17 massage oil
  • 100ml Miron Glass bottle filled with blend #21 massage oil
  • Gift Bag


Our vegan massage oil gift set will energise and revitalise a tired body and mind with AromaTherapy Shed’s Blend #21 and Blend #17.


Based on a unique, bee-friendly blend of English seed oils produced in the Lincolnshire countryside.


Blend #21

This is an uplifting, restorative blend, full of bright citrus notes.

Lime: This zingy citrus oil distilled from the rind of the fruit and gives a natural energy boost. With gentle detoxifying properties, Lime oil also helps to tone the skin.


Frankincense:  Fresh and uplifting, with a sweet and woody aroma, Frankincense is a wonderfully restorative oil. It encourages slow and deep breathing when inhaled. Ideal for creating a state of mindful relaxation.


Petitgrain: With a bright, floral scent, our Petitgrain distilled from the leaves and twigs of the bitter orange. The same tree that produces sweet-smelling Neroli. With soothing, cleansing qualities, it’s a natural energiser.


Blend #17

This therapeutic massage oil has notes of spice, flower and citrus.


Black Pepper: A beautiful spice oil from Sri Lanka, distilled from the dried, crushed fruit of the pepper vine. With grounding properties. It boosts the body’s natural defences and helps to ease aching muscles.


Bergamot:  Sicilian Bergamot is a zesty, fruity oil, expressed from the citrus fruit’s peel. Used to balance body, mind and emotions, Bergamot is the perfect antidote for anxiety and stress.


Geranium:  This uplifting oil distilled from South African geranium leaves and flowers. The sweet, floral scent helps balance skin and can restore hormonal and emotional equilibrium.


Frankincense:  A deeply relaxing oil, with a sweet and woody aroma. When inhaled, it encourages slow, deep breathing; ideal for creating a state of mindful relaxation.


Ylang Ylang: This sensual, floral oil has soothing properties, perfect for relieving emotional stress. Known for its sweet, exotic scent and relaxing fragrance, our oils are distilled from hand-picked flowers in Madagascar.




Your vegan massage oil gift set will arrive in Miron glass bottles. This captivating, deep violet glass is not simply beautiful to look at. It also protects the precious oils inside.


Miron glass has ultraviolet properties, which preserve the fresh botanical ingredients in our blends. And best of all? Because the bottles are refillable, they help to reduce waste too.


All our packaging is 100% recyclable and reusable.




Method: Courier

Cost: Free 

Dispatch time: 5-7 business days