Personalised Christmas Decorations

When do you put up your Christmas decorations? In 2020, many people decided to go for it early on. You could walk around the streets in early November and see sparkling lights, inflatable Santas and bamboo reindeer galore. And who can blame them? After the year we’d all had, it was lovely to spread a little bit of festive joy. This year though, most of us seem to be holding off a bit longer. But it’s definitely time to start thinking about it, especially if you decide to go for personalised Christmas decorations for inside the house. Understandably, anything that is handmade takes a little longer. So do check our makers’ production times. We would hate for you to miss out on getting your home exactly as you want it for Christmas 2021.

Unique festive wall and window stickers

Wall and window stickers are a lovely way to make a real feature of your Christmas display. Why not dedicate a whole wall to wishing your guests a Merry Christmas? It’s a big bonus that the stickers are completely flat. So whilst the message can be as large as you choose, you don’t have to give up precious space in your home.

Christmas tree sticker

We adore these Christmas tree stickers bearing the words, “We wish you a Merry Christmas”. Choose between small, medium, large, extra large or quite frankly enormous. Pick a colour that perfectly compliments your home and festive trimmings, the choice is vast. If you intend to put your sticker inside a window, choose the mirrored option. These are a lovely way to bring a Christmas tree to a room that doesn’t have the space, or simply wish your neighbours a Merry Christmas as they walk past your window.

Christmas tree wall sticker with the words We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Christmas tree wall sticker

Merry Christmas wall and window sticker

If you’re going for length rather than height, or choose to put your wall sticker next to your Christmas tree, then your family festive display will benefit from a Merry Christmas wall and window sticker. Each one features a beautiful silhouette of Santa and his reindeer flying through the sky. Bound to bring a little magic into your room. These are available in a choice of sizes and colours. Mirrored lettering lets you apply it inside a window too.

Grey wall with Santa and three reindeer in white along with wording Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with silver decorated Christmas tree in foreground.
Merry Christmas wall sticker

Personalised advent Christmas tree

For a fully personalised option, this advent tree is a beautiful way to get children involved in the countdown. Choose wording for the pot and names for four different Christmas gifts. Start advent with the tree on the wall, partly decorated and with four presents underneath it. Each day, a new numbered decoration can be added to the tree. Add the last one on Christmas morning to complete your display. This is ideal for a child’s bedroom or a central location for the family to enjoy together.

Personalised Christmas decorations for the wall with Christmas tree and presents to decorate with stickers each day of advent
Personalised advent calendar

Personalised Christmas decorations to hang on the tree

Personalised family Christmas tree decorations are a lovely festive tradition. Children will remember gathering around to decorate all together, each hanging their own ornaments every year. It’s one of those little moments that becomes a happy memory. We’ve got a selection of decorations that we know you will love. And why not try making your own too?

Personalised sterling silver bauble

These beautiful silver baubles will stand the test of time, hanging proudly on the recipient’s Christmas tree for many years to come. Each one is handmade and can be personalised with a message of up to 30 characters including stars. They make a lovely gift for baby’s first Christmas, a winter wedding or simply to remind someone that you’ll be thinking of them if you can’t be together this year.

Personalised Christmas decorations silver baubles
Personalised silver baubles

A natural log slice to hang on the tree

Many of us choose more natural Christmas decorations these days, and this log slice ticks all the boxes. Each log is one of a kind in size, shape and markings due to being a natural product. Make it unique by having a name, word or date engraved on it. The star or heart detail rounds off an already stunning decoration. Use as an extra special gift tag or place setting or simply a thoughtful gift.

Personalised log slice with name Evie on it and white heart and silver star
Personalised log slice

Make your own personalised decorations

Personalising your Christmas tree doesn’t have to cost money. In fact, there are lots of ideas on the internet for how to make your own ornaments using materials you already have at home. If you have little ones, many local pottery painting places will help you to put your child’s hand or footprint onto a bauble. This can be a lovely 1st Christmas activity.

Freestanding decorations

Freestanding decorations can make a lovely addition to any festive scene. Put them on a Christmas shelf, work surface or under the tree to delight family members and guests alike.

Large personalised freestanding reindeer

It is no surprise that these freestanding reindeer decorations are a regular best seller. Their beautiful natural finish with silver bells and a twine bow around the reindeer’s neck will add a classy touch to any display. Engrave them with a single name or the family name and they will become a family favourite year after year.

Personalised Freestanding wooden reindeer with twine and silver bell
Freestanding wooden reindeer

Smaller freestanding reindeer

Surround your large family reindeer with adorable little ones with everyone’s first names on for the cutest Christmas scene. Or, surprise friends and family with their own miniature reindeer. Finished with the same natural look, silver bells and twine bow as the large reindeer, these lovable creatures might just be too cute to put away in the new year.

Small personalised freestanding wooden reindeer with names Max and Iris in front of green festive table decoration
Small personalised wooden reindeer

Freestanding sterling silver penguin

For a tiny freestanding Christmas decoration that could also hang on your tree, look no further than this adorable penguin. Handmade in solid sterling silver, the little penguin stands on a recycled silver iceberg. Every iceberg is different so your tiny ornament will be completely unique. They measure just 20x15mm and arrive in a Kysam branded jewellery box tied with ribbon. It would make an ideal gift, or a lovely treat for yourself.  

Sterling silver freestanding penguin Christmas decoration
Sterling silver freestanding penguin

Personalised Christmas decorations for the kitchen

For many of us, the kitchen has become the centre of the house. No longer just for cooking, a dining table or cosy seating area brings the whole family together. So, it’s only right that it gets dressed up for Christmas, just like the rest of the house. These quirky products will bring a little extra festive cheer to your kitchen.

Personalised Christmas tree chopping board

Engraved with your choice of wording, these festive bamboo chopping boards are custom made just for you. Why not use it to serve mince pies or a festive cheeseboard? A lovely way to bring a little holiday spirit to the table.  

Personalised Christmas tree chopping board with lemon on cut into two
Personalised Christmas tree chopping board

Personalised Christmas eve plate

This adorable hand painted plate will be made just for you with up to two names. It is glazed, painted and fired at over 1000 degrees so the picture won’t scratch or fade.  The message says “cookies for Santa, love from” with the name(s) you choose. Bring the plate out every year for children to leave a treat for Santa and Rudolph on Christmas Eve.  

Personalised Cookies for Santa plate
Personalised Cookies for Santa plate

Personalised Christmas apron for children

If your little ones love to bake something special for Santa, they’ll need an apron to keep clean. Choose a bear, deer or penguin and let us know the name you want on the apron. They come in two sizes, one for toddlers and one for children. Now you can bake up festive delights together with a little less mess.  

Personalised festive animal aprons with deer, bear and penguin
Personalised festive animal aprons

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