These days, many of us avoid purchasing chocolate at Easter. That may be due to dietary requirements or allergies, or simply because children receive far too much chocolate at this time of year. That’s why our Easter gift selection doesn’t have a chocolate in sight. Don’t worry though, we do have everything you’ll need to get your home decorated for Easter. We can help you to set up for Easter egg hunts too with signs, tote bags and Easter baskets.

If your child is a fan of the Easter Bunny, we have some gorgeous bunny related gifts to help them believe just a little bit more. Why not buy them a personalised Easter Bunny story book or cuddly bunny? The Easter Bunny is even writing letters these days, but only to families who have been specially selected to receive a tasty ticket certificate. Your child could receive 7 handcrafted letters from the Easter bunny that you can roll up into scrolls and hide around the house for them to find.

Crafty kids will want to join in with getting the house ready for Easter by making their own creations. They can colour in bunting, write postcards, and paint their own plaster of Paris models. We even have personalised t-shirts that they can decorate themselves. If you’d prefer our makers to do the decorating for you, we have animals, eggs and family prints that will look beautiful around the home.

If you serve eggs for breakfast on Easter Sunday, check out our egg cups and egg boards to make your breakfast table extra special. You could even leave a pair of bunny ears on each place setting. The Easter equivalent of Christmas hats, these adorable ears come in different colours. Choose between leaf or flower decorations in dark or light colours.