We all have teachers who changed our lives. Whether that was through their lessons, life advice or simply believing in us when nobody else did. These days, it is traditional to buy a small gift for a teacher as a token of appreciation at the end of the school year. After all, they have kept our children safe, laughed with them, dried their tears and educated them for many long months. Here at Dorothy and Theodore, we are so grateful for everything that teachers and all school staff do for our little ones. That’s why this selection of teachers’ gifts is carefully thought out to show them how thankful we are.

Perhaps your child’s teacher would love a personalised leather bookmark to make sure they never lose their place despite all the interruptions. There are some other gorgeous personalised gifts too. Some of which would make fabulous presents from the whole class. A class family tree, butterfly print or button picture can be decorated with the names of every single pupil that has been in class that year.

Because we know that teachers are often overrun with gifts, Dorothy and Theodore have chosen a couple of practical, personalised bags that will make it easier to get everything home. We love the “apple for the teacher” theme. Choose a personalised wooden apple, a foil print with your teacher’s name on it or an apple for the teacher tote bag.

For someone who has really made an impression on your child, you might like to buy them a long-lasting keepsake. A recycled silver owl necklace would remind them how wise they are. Or choose a hand stamped keyring with a personalised message of thanks.

Of course, we also recognise how much teachers hate bare classroom walls at the beginning of term. So, we have a range of personalised prints and wall art to help them to brighten the place up from their first day back.