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About Dad the BBQ King Apron

It may be a little bit of a cliché, but we are pretty sure most people know a dad that takes control of the barbecue. If that happens to be your dad, we know that he will wear his “Dad the BBQ King” apron with pride! This natural calico apron makes a great gift. Perfect for dad to wear while he cooks burgers and sausages for the whole family!

When the sun comes out and the evenings become a little warmer, everything changes when it comes to food. Families migrate outside to play and make the most of the sunshine and inevitably, someone will suggest a barbecue.

Whether it’s a spontaneous outdoor meal for the family or a meticulously organised party with special guest, barbecue dad will be on hand to take over the cooking.

But wait, what’s this? Another barbecue dad is trying to muscle in on the action! Everyone is flattered that their guests decide to attend the party but dad never asked for help! Luckily, your dad will be wearing his Dad the BBQ King apron. So, anybody else who chooses to stand alongside him at the barbecue will be his helper. BBQ King dad remains in charge.

So now all dad needs from you is a steady supply of beer or his drink of choice. He’ll keep flipping the burgers, feeding the family and delighting in the task. All whilst mopping his brow and muttering about what hard work it is.

This apron has the slogan, “Dad the BBQ King” written on the front.

This cream apron is available in one size.

The slogan is printed in black lettering, making any Dad look stylish whilst cooking on the BBQ.

This would make a fantastic gift for Father’s Day, a birthday or to celebrate an Anniversary.

These aprons are made to order and printed in Cheshire.


Method: Royal Mail

Cost: £3.95

Dispatch time: 3-5 working days


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