Daddysauraus – Father’s Day Illustration


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About Daddysauraus – Father’s Day Illustration

These cute Dinosaur Illustrations can be personalised to replicate your family, showing Dad with his children.  The perfect gift to give this Father’s Day.
The illustration is available in the following combinations:
  • Illustration 1 – Dad plus 1 child
  • Illustration 2 – Dad plus 2 children (toddlers)
  • Illustration 3 – Dad plus 2 children (older)
  • Illustration 4 – Dad plus 3 children (including a toddler)
  • Illustration 5 – Dad plus 3 children
  • Illustration 6 – Dad plus 4 children (1 child in a wheelchair)
  • Illustration 7 – Dad plus 4 children

Please check the gallery to see the images in full.

The A4 print comes with a mount and has the wording: ‘Daddysauraus, we think you’re roarsome’ with the exception of the illustration with one child, which says: ‘Daddysauraus, I love you more than ice cream’

If you would like to personalise the illustration by changing the skin tones of the characters, adding glasses, stubble or a beard, or to add a personalised message – please click here.
Method – Royal Mail
Cost – £2.99
Dispatch time – 5-7 working days


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