Dummy Fairy Letters


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About Dummy Fairy Letters

Dummy Fairy Letters

When it’s time for your little one to let go of their dummy it can be hard.  Let the Dummy Fairies help your child give up their dummy in a magical and enchanting way as possible.

This is a bundle of two very special letters from your Dummy Fairy … perfect for boys and girls! The first Dummy Fairy Letter explains that one of the baby dragons has lost his dummy and is very upset … and asks if your child like to give the baby dragon their dummy. The second letter thanks your child so much for their dummy. They passed it on to the baby dragon who was SO happy, his smile grew and grew until it was almost as long as his tail!

Suitable for age 12 months+ due to the magnifying lens included.

These unique magical Dummy Fairy letters are simplified, personalised Fairy letters with larger text, to suit Early Readers. Personalised with your child’s name, the name of your street or area, and then stamped with the image of the Fairy who was on duty that night. A truly enchanting keepsake that your child will love to look back on when they’re older.

These dummy fairy letters are printed on the most beautiful recycled paper with gold and silver leaf in. What’s more exciting than finding a Fairy letter wrapped up like a parcel with some gorgeous natural soft cotton gold twine with sparkles in? No Fairy letter is complete without a lovely dew drop magnifying lens to read it with either. Well you don’t need one really, but it does make it easier, PLUS it’s so much more fun!


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