Easter Bunny Letter Bundle


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About Easter Bunny Letter Bundle

A bundle of seven handcrafted, personalised letters from the Easter Bunny. Letters come direct from the Underground Egg-Speriments Laboratory. Each one is filled with finger-lickingly fun news and chocolatey magic PLUS a Golden Tasty Ticket congratulating your family on being selected to receive these letters from the Easter Bunny.

Read all about some incredible inventions, sticky situations and sugar emergencies. There’s and even a recipe that children can make themselves. All ending in a chocolatey candy celebration at the Annual Easter Picnic on top of Carrot Cake Hill. Keep a look out for these magical letters and Hoppy Reading!

The Easter Bunny letter bundle encourages children to read, whilst supporting family time and bonding.

The Easter Bunny produces a new set of letters each year. So, why not make this a magical family tradition?

Along with your letter bundle, you will receive personalised lengths of natural jute twine from the Enchanted Woodland and gift tags.

Roll each letter into a scroll before delivering them around the house, tucking the last one in amongst the Magical Egg Delivery.

*Please ensure your package is addressed to an adult to assemble and deliver the letter on the Easter Bunny’s behalf.

When adding the personalisation for your letters, please enter children’s names exactly as you would like to see them printed, including any capital letters, spaces, commas between names and the word ‘and’ before the last name if applicable! No emojis. You don’t need to put a comma or full stop at the end though, we’ll do that for you! For example, you would type in … Tom, Annie and Finn OR Tom, Annie, Finn and Snowflake


Method: Royal Mail

Cost: FREE

Dispatch time: 2-7 working days

As the Easter Bunny Letter Bundle is personalised, this product cannot be returned, unless the items are faulty.


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