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About Egg Hunt Sign

This stylish and fun Easter Egg Hunt sign is ideal for use both indoors and outside. The sign can easily be hung on string or ribbon to let everybody know which way to go to find the Easter egg hunt!

The sign is a beautiful light blue turquoise colour, with pretty white polka dots. “EGG HUNT!” is written across the body of the arrow in tall, pink capital letters. On the arrowhead is a picture of three beautifully coloured and patterned eggs. One is yellow with white polka dots and the other two are stripey, one pink and white and one green and white.

When setting up an Easter egg hunt, there are a few essentials we would recommend.

Firstly, you’ll need a stash of eggs. If any of the participants can’t eat chocolate, why not use pretend eggs for the Easter egg hunt and swap them for prizes at the end? That way, you can tailor the prizes to the recipient.

Next, you’ll need something for each participant to collect their eggs in. We suggest an adorable Easter basket, or a cute, personalised Easter tote bag.

Last but not least, you’ll need some clues and a sign to tell everyone where the Easter egg hunt starts. We recommend creating your own clues based on the child’s age and ability. Solving clues rather than just looking around the garden for the treasure makes an Easter egg hunt much more fun and it keeps children occupied for longer too!

When your Easter egg hunt is finished for the year, don’t forget to put your sign away somewhere safe. This sign is perfect for use year after year, and we hope your family will get many more fun Easter egg hunts from it in the future.

Size approximately 24cm x 13cm

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This Easter Egg Hunt Sign is perfect to show where the fun begins!!


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