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About Family Button Art Print

This adorable family button art print makes a beautifully unique gift. Depicting up to eight family members standing in a row holding hands, this is ideal for the Nanny or Grandma in your family. Personalised with names and character representations, a button art creation will take pride of place on the wall, shelf or mantlepiece.

Let us know the name and age of each person you would like to feature. They will be created as a stick person with a button for a head. The two holes in the centre of the button form the eyes. Tiny bow ties and flowers are used as decorations. Stick people can be depicted in a dress or with a bow tie on their neck. Have a look at the image to see how children and babies will be displayed.

Each family member holds hands with the next person in line. We ask you to enter names and ages from left to right so you can picture how the finished product will look.

Prints are produced on embossed linen card. If you choose an unframed print, it will be dispatched to you in a protective wallet to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition.

For an additional cost, your family button art print can be framed and sent to you ready to go on the wall.  Please choose your preferred option in the box provided.

Please provide the names and ages of each family member, and once created a proof will be forwarded to you for your approval before the final print is dispatched. This allows you to ensure that you are happy with the way each family member is depicted. Please double check spellings before confirming your order because we will write the names exactly as you give them to us.

Delivery Details

Method: Royal Mail 1st Class

Cost: £2.95

Dispatch Time: 3-4 days


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