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Friendship Fairies Wall Stickers

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This Friendship Fairy Stickers Set is a must for all those little girls who believe in fairies! This stunning set of wall stickers will transform a little girls room into the most beautiful of fairy themed rooms filled with fairies, dragonflies and oodles of fairy magic.

93 stickers create 7 large scenes that tells the story of a day in the life of two fairy friends, Petal and Daisy, who go out to play and meet friends along the way.

This pack contains Petal and Daisy 50 x 53cm, Reflections 28 x 30cm,Off to play 20 x 28cm, Daisy Play 40 x 50cm, Meeting friends 20 x 28cm, Hide and Seek 50 x 40cm, Lilypad 40 x 28cm, Stars 58, Dragonflies 6.

These themed room stickers are so quick and easy to use, you simply peel the precut stickers and position and the results are magical. Included in the pack are application instructions and example room plans. All the wall stickers are removable, reusable and can be repositioned. They can be used on most smooth surfaces including, paint, wallpaper, plaster, wood and glass.



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