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About Keepsake Memory Bear – School Uniform – Baby Clothes

Memory Bear Product Details

This memory bear is the perfect way to use old clothing of your loved ones and turn them into a beautiful jointed memory bear you can cherish forever.
They can be made with baby clothing, school uniform or even clothes of a lost relative.

A minimum of 6-8 items of baby clothing less items if bigger or school uniform, or the clothing you wish to be made into your keepsake is required and need to be posted to the seller within a labelled bag with your name and address on.

Each item is carefully cut and then lined with interfacing to make them a little stronger, sewn and then stuffed with polyester filling.

The memory is not designed or intended for use as a toy but as a decorative keepsake and are not CE tested.

Any unused items are of course returned back to you. 

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Method: My Hermes

Cost: £6.00

Dispatch Time: 2 – 6 weeks


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