Nursing Covers (choice of designs)


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About Nursing Covers (choice of designs)

Nursing Covers (choice of designs)

These double sided breastfeeding covers have a real luxury feel about them and if you feel at all self conscious about breastfeeding in public then are the ideal cover up. Not enormous or tent like, they come in a range of funky fabric designs and, unlike other breastfeeding covers, because of the thickness won’t flap about in the wind and make a fabulous baby blanket or changing mat for after feeding.

There’s no need to faff about with buckles or buttons with these nursing covers, simply loop the soft denim or corduroy strap over your head and feed discreetly with confidence and style.

The gap at the top of the cover will enable you to peek in at your baby to check he or she is happily feeding away and the fact that it isn’t enormous like other covers available with a rigid neckline means that it will fold up neatly either to take out with you.

The Blue Stripe and Grey Floral with Blue designs come with soft baby blue needle corduroy backing, the Grey Floral with Pink comes with a soft pink needle corduroy backing and the Pink Flock and Dotty designs come with soft denim backing.  The breastfeeding covers can be used both sides so you have the option of the plainer backing on show if you would prefer.


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