Personalised Ceramic Aeroplane Charm


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About Personalised Ceramic Aeroplane Charm

Personalised Ceramic Aeroplane Charm

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This ceramic, aeroplane birth tag makes a beautiful little gift, ideal for christenings and baby births as a lasting memory of a special occasion. They can be used as personalised ‘Thank you’ tokens for page boys, or simply as a little name tag for room decoration. The aeroplane name tag looks charming in a nursery or child’s bedroom, hung on a door handle or pinned to the wall, or perhaps even just as an ornament to be kept and treasured.

The aeroplane birth tag can be personalised to your taste…

Firstly choose the message you would like it to say, the name can be a maximum of 7 letters long (longer names will have to be stamped in a smaller font) and I recommend dates to be written numerically (e.g 28.11.14 or 28th Nov 14)

The product can either be left all white, or a colour can be added to the lettering to enhance it. There are over 30 options to choose from the colour chart.

The final choice is the ribbon you wish to hang the aeroplane from, there are descriptions of different patterns or phrases to choose from.


approx 8.5cm x 10cm


Method: Royal Mail

Cost: £3.90

Dispatch Time: 7-10 days


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