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About Personalised Family Easter Print

This beautiful, personalised family Easter print is perfect for any home at Easter or during Spring and makes a lovely gift.

Made in A4 size using high quality cardstock, each one has “Easter with the [your surname]” written across the top of the print. They look fantastic on any wall and make a lovely seasonal decoration to bring out year after year.

Each member of your family will be represented as a bunny with their names written underneath. You can choose whether the text is written in foil or black lettering. We can make Mummy, Daddy and the children all represented in bunny form.

We know that all families are different and as these prints are made to order, we can accurately represent any family. Adults may prefer to be named rather than being mummy or daddy. You might be a two mummy or two daddy family or have grandparents living with you as well. Simply let us know the names, whether each family member is an adult or child and whether a flower in their hair is required.

Only one bunny will hold a carrot, and this will be placed at random.

To order, you will need to complete the following information, in the boxes provided:

  • Foil or black lettering
  • Family surname
  • Names of the family and whether it is an adult or child.  If you would like a flower in their hair, please also specify this (e.g. Gracie (child with flower))

We will write names exactly as you give them to us. Therefore, please double check all spelling and grammar is correct before submitting your order.

This print is handmade so there may be small flecks, this is completely normal.

Price is for the print only; the frame is not included.


Method: Royal Mail

Cost: £1.95

Dispatch time: 3-5 working days


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