Personalised Floating Washer Necklace


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About Personalised Floating Washer Necklace

Personalised Floating Washer Necklace Product Details

This beautiful necklace is made with 3 stainless steel rose gold plated washers which fit perfectly inside each other. The largest is silver colour and measures 32mm, the middle one is rose gold colour and measures 25mm and the smallest is gold colour and measures 19mm. Each one can be stamped with one name or date.

You then have the option to add the chain of your choice.

The process used for our gold and rose gold products is IP Plating (Ion plating). The centre of the circle is Stainless Steel and the outside has a layer of titanium oxide, which can be used as a pigment (rose gold or gold) and has the same non allergenic properties as stainless steel. The process turns the titanium oxide into electric ions which becomes a harder and more durable coating with a higher brightness than that produced through traditional plating methods.

Stainless steel is a great choice for jewellery as it is hypoallergenic, does not rust or tarnish and is very durable so you can treasure your necklace for a lifetime!

Method: First Class Royal Mail

Cost: £2.75

Dispatch Time: 10-15 working days


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