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This personalised bird house is made from FSC certified wood and woven bamboo for a decorative finish.

Each Personalised Bird Box has a metal hole protector providing predator protection. We suggest you site the nest box on a tree/wall/garden fitting approximately 1.5m above the ground, preferably where it cannot be accessed by cats and predators. Leave the box empty as wild birds bring their own nest material into the box. Nesting is most likely during April/May so take care not to disturb the birds during this time.

The nest box should be cleaned out of any old nesting material outside the breeding season (Sept to Feb), via the access panel on the back.

Made From: FSC certified timber, metal hole protector

Dimensions: H21.5 x W13 x D12cm

made from:

Slow seasoned FSC wood with hooks ready for hanging. There is a lockable hinged door at the side for easy cleaning.

Although generally no maintenance is required, the nestboxes may be painted annually with matching water based paints to maintain their appearance. The nestbox should be cleaned out of any old nesting material outside of the breeding season (Sept to Feb).


H25cms x W20cms x D18cms

Delivery – Standard Royal Mail

Cost – £3.95


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