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About Personalised Stick Family Wall Sticker

Personalised Stick Family Wall Sticker 

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This Personalised Stick Family Wall Sticker Portrait is a really fun way to create a modern family portrait with a difference. Choose the colour, height and characteristics of each family member to create a stunning and unique work of art.

You will need to specify your requirements from the list below for each family member and please chose each member in the order you would like them to appear from left to right.

Mum – with or without glasses

Dad – with or without glasses

Boy – with or without a hat and with or without glasses

Girl  – with either short hair or ponytail and with or without glasses


Grandma – with or without glasses and with or without walking stick

Grandad – with or without glasses and with or wihout walking stick

Dog, Cat, Horse, Rabbit,  Fish, Chicken, Hamster.

COLOURS – Orange, Yellow, Burnt Amber, Magenta, Bright Pink, Amethyst, Red, Bright Green, Lime Green, Khaki, Grey, Ash, Graphite, Black, Pinky Red, Night Blue, Hawaiian Blue, Caribbean Blue, Raspberry, Cyan, Purple, Pale Blue, Lilac, Pale Pink, White


Approx. 0.60  / 1ft 11in

Approx. 0.70 / 2ft 4in

Approx. 0.80 / 2ft 7in

Approx. 0.90 / 2ft 11in

Approx.1.00 / 3ft 3in

Approx.1.10 / 3ft 7in

Approx.1.20 / 3ft 11in

Approx.1.30 / 4ft 3in

Approx.1.40 / 4ft 7in

Approx.1.50 / 5ft

Approx.1.60 / 5ft 3in

Approx.1.70 / 5ft 8in

Approx.1.80 / 5ft 11in

Approx.1.90 / 6ft 3in

ICON – None, Football, Rugby Ball, Netball, Hockey Stick, Tennis Racket, Music, Balloon, Kite, Heart,  Teddy Bear – Please specify which family member you would like any icons to be next to.

Every portrait will come with a sun and a tree. The title and names requested will be in a mid grey.

These stickers are printed with eco-solvent inks on a specially designed premium, self adhesive and removable, matte wall art vinyl. They are precision cut around the sticker images ensuring there are no borders so that once applied they look as if they have been painted onto the wall, giving a sleek contemporary finish. These vinyl stickers can be used on most smooth clean surfaces including, paint, wallpaper, plaster, wood.

We create the portrait exactly as it is going to look, we then remove all excess vinyl and apply a clear transfer film. Once you have positioned the portrait and film on to your chosen surface you simply remove the transfer film to reveal the finished portrait. It is removable and if required individual stickers can be repositioned during application.

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Height including names and title  – 30cm

Width is variable dependent on the family members requested.


Method: First Class Post

Cost: £3.95

Dispatch Time: 7 working days

This Personalised Stick Family Wall Sticker would be perfect for a playroom or family kitchen.


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