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About Pink Cot Bedding Set

Beautiful Pink Cot Bedding Set

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This beautifully soft 100% cotton covered bedding set for babies and toddlers consists of four items: a cot quilt/softly padded blanket, cot bumper, nappy stacker and changing mat cover. It is made from wonderfully soft cotton filled with an even softer polyester interling, resulting in a really cozy cot set which is ideal for a baby girl.

The quilt size of 120 cm. x 100 cm. (47 x 39 inches) wide approximately is large enough for a toddler’s cot bed and will prove useful well into a child’s second year.

The nappy stacker is 45 cm. x 26 cm. x 16 cm. deep, or 18 ins. 10 ins. x 6 ins. deep approximately and holds an average-size pack of nappies.

The cot bumper is 150 cm. x 34 cm.(59 ins. x 13 ins.) approximately and is constructed on one side in the same white and pink polka dot fabric as the quilt.  The other side has a main central panel in the same raspberry pink as the quilt and with white and pink polka dot end panels decorated with the same Broiderie Anglais and  rosebud decorated silk ribbon as the quilt.

Please note that it’s recommended that a cot bumper should be removed from the cot once your baby can sit unaided and that the ties should be regularly checked.

More about each of the items: –

The quilt is completely reversible: One side in raspberry pink with tiny rich blue polka dots and a contrasting top panel in white with raspbery pink dots, separated by pure white gathered Broiderie Anglais, together with silk ribbon suffused in soft rosebuds on a cream background. The white and pink polka dot fabric also covers the reverse of the quilt, echoing the colour and style of the top panel.

The beauty is not only in the choice of fabrics, but also in the detail of the design which has top sewing around the quilt edges, long wide ties in order to enable big pretty bows on the bumper and nappy stacker, an independant tote which is fully lined and padded in white quilted cotton to give the whole piece the feel and look of real quality, and a fully lined changing mat cover made from 100% cotton.

The nappy tote alone will last for years and can go on to store toys, underwear, ballet shoes, etc. Either hang it on the side of the cot, or place on your nursery changing cupboard. This nappy bag is fully lined in white quilted and padded fabric so that there is nothing flimsy or ‘thin’ looking about it. It looks and feels like excellent quality and comes with long wide ties for tying beautiful luxurious bows.

The nappy changing mat cover is fully lined in white fabric and is made from 100% cotton, in the white and pink polka dot fabric of the quilt, bumer and nappy tote. It is constructed like a pillow slip for easy removal and can be used on either side, and to link in with the rest of the nursery set I have added the same gathered Broiderie Anglais and rosebud-covered ribbon.Measures approximately 82 x 43 cm. (32 x 17 inches).

This whole set washes beautifully at 30 or 40 degrees and can be dried in a dryer on a cool short cycle. In order to maintain the ovreall shape of the items, it is recommended to wash the set together in one load and not to over-pack in the dryer.  The changing mat cover can be laundered as normal and ironed, if required.

These are very ‘girly’ items which will set the tone for the whole of the nursery, providing that ‘wow factor’ as the main decor feature in your nursery.

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